Ministerial Decree

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Ministerial Decree
Ministerial Decree.png
Rarity Common
Type Quest item
Value Can't be sold
Stackable No
Storyline Beyond: [[Winds of Change]]
Map Item.jpg

Double-click to read.

— in-game description



"Members of the Ministry of Purity, we have made great strides in returning Cantha to its once proud state. The Afflicted have been purged from our lands for good, and the Am Fah and the Jade Brotherhood are on the retreat, both far too crippled to stand up to the will of the Canthan people!
"It is time we turn our attention to another threat to the prosperity of our people: the Tengu. The emperor was weak to make peace with these savages, and he clings to that failed policy only out of respect for his slain half brother's legacy. He is blind in his grief, and I have faith that time and the persuasion of the Ministry will lead him to see the error of his ways, and allow us to rid our lands of the ongoing threat these beasts pose.
"In preparation for this, we must act now to pacify the Angchu tribe. While their true nature is clear to the Ministry of Purity, they still masquerade as allies of the Canthan Empire, and thus must be handled with caution. The Ministry has set up a compound in the area colloquially referred to as "the Roost" to serve as a temporary resettlement camp for the Angchu tribe until such time that more permanent options become available.
"This is crucial for the safety of our forces and civilians alike. I assure you that, despite what the emperor would have you believe, the Angchu are not to be trusted and would take up arms against us the moment we start our campaign against the Sensali. We must ensure that they are pacified now so our dream of a greater, safer Cantha can come to fruition. Any resistance on their part will be treated as an act of war against Cantha, and our forces will defend the local populous at all costs.
"We are the people's fists when no others are strong enough to fight. We are the people's voice when no others are brave enough to speak. And we are the people's eyes when no others are wise enough to see the way out of this darkness. We fight for the people of Cantha, and for the future of the Empire!"