Warning the Tengu

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Warning the Tengu
Section Primary Quests
Campaign Factions

(Canthan only)

Given by Ang the Ephemeral
in Ran Musu Gardens
(Shing Jea Island)
Preceded by Minister Cho's Estate
Followed by The Threat Grows
Type Primary quest
Warning the Tengu map.jpg
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Warn the Tengu village of Aerie of the discovery of a terrible plague.

Quest information[edit]



  • Travel to Aerie, the Angchu Tengu Village
  • Speak to Soar Honorclaw.
  • Destroy the afflicted creature.
  • See Soar Honorclaw for your reward.



Players can find Aerie, the Angchu Village, West of Ran Musu Gardens.

To reach the village, players should leave the Ran Musu Gardens from the South portal into Kinya Province and then follow the Western road past the North side of the mountain. Following the road as it veers South will lead players straight to the village.

When arriving at the village, players should speak with Soar Honorclaw. She will give instructions for the elimination of an Afflicted Assassin which can be found to the South west of the village. Talon Silverwing will accompany the players.

After speaking with Talon, players should follow the quest arrow and kill the Afflicted Creature. When the Afflicted Creature has been eliminated, players can return to the village and talk to Soar Honorclaw to collect the reward.







Initial dialogue[edit]

Ang the Ephemeral
"Master Togo has requested that you travel to Aerie, the Angchu Tengu village in Kinya Province, to warn the citizens there that the plague has come to Cantha. Speak to their leader, Soar Honorclaw, and tell her to prepare for the plague's arrival."
Yes Accept: "I will warn the Angchu Tengu"
No Decline: "Those Tengu can fend for themselves."
Ask Ask: "Seek out Soar Honorclaw in the village of Aerie in Kinya Province."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Soar Honorclaw
"Minister Cho has died of plague? That is terrible news, indeed, but your story sheds light on our recent troubles. We have had reports of Tengu killed by a strange beast previously unseen hereabouts. It sounds very similar to these afflicted creatures you describe. Talon, here, was summoned to destroy the beast, but since you have some knowledge of these things, I am certain that he would welcome your help. Please go with Talon and help him destroy this afflicted creature."
Talon Silverwing
"The afflicted creature was last sighted to the south. Let us make haste and destroy this abomination. [Character Name], since you have dealt with these creatures before, I will follow your lead."
"Well fought, human. Now let us return to Soar Honorclaw and tell her of our triumph."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Soar Honorclaw
"You have performed a great service for the Tengu this day. I wish that I could say that the danger has passed, but I fear that it has only just begun."
"Talon, I think it likely that our young friend here will soon be called away on another mission. Can you stay and protect the village?"


  • Dragon Festival quests have been known to interfere with the completion of this quest.
Bug Bug.Talon Silverwing does not appear if you have a festival quest active