Gull Hookbeak

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Gull Hookbeak
Sensali martial.jpgTengu fighter.jpg
Affiliation Sensali
Type Tengu
Professions Warrior Warrior
Ranger Ranger
Level(s) 15, 20
Campaigns Factions
Bonus Mission Pack

In the Tengu Accords, Gull Hookbeak is a leader of the Sensali Tengu.




Quests given:


In Jaya Bluffs[edit]

Bonus Mission Pack[edit]


In Jaya Bluffs
"Those foes were for me. You should not have interfered, human. In fact I should kill you now... and I would, if I did not have larger concerns. Speak now or leave me be."
In the Tengu Accords, before act II
"Pray to your gods this meeting results in peace. Otherwise, the Sensali will erase any existence of your kind."
Tell me your view on the Tengu Wars.
"You have brought death upon your kind, human. Keep talking. The longer we drag this out, the more men my brethren will gut with their bare claws. The Angchu are foolish to think you can be trusted. No matter; the Sensali will end this war in due time."
In the Tengu Accords act II, while fighting
"You will pay with your blood for this day. The Sensali never forgive the insult of betrayal."
In the Tengu Accords act II, after the fight
"The Angchu may be content to swallow your lies, human, but the Sensali have no taste for treachery. You are as Minister Wona was, an honorless snake. There will be no peace."


Anomaly Anomaly.Gull Hookbeak encountered in the Tengu Accords has a different model than when he is encountered on Shing Jea Island.