Fuu Rin

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Fuu Rin
Crimson Skull mesmer.jpg
Affiliation Zaishen Order
Type Human
Professions Assassin Assassin
Warrior Warrior
Service Henchman
Level(s) 20
Campaign Core

Fuu Rin is a henchman available for use in Heroes' Ascent. She is Kah Xan's sister.

She is referred to as the "Assassin Henchman."




"My master told me that the life of an assassin is a lonely one, but I'm still surprised that my brother Kah Xan and I are the only assassins to have answered the Zaishen's call. Apparently many of my master's other students have recently taken to raiding the treasures of Grenth's realm. I decided that volunteering my services to the Zaishen would be a better choice. Riches from the lord of the Underworld will not come without a price, and it will be a high one.
Here are the skills I will bring to the next battle:"



  • Fuu Rin was added as part of the 29th October 2009 update, as one of the twenty Heroes' Ascent henchmen implemented as a result of the Henchman Skill Bar Contest.
  • Fuu Rin's dialogue is a reference to the large population of assassin players who "Underworld speed-clear".
  • Fuu Rin's dialogue also references the return of Dhuum as seen in the quest The Waiting Game.
  • The names of Fuu Rin and Kah Xan are a reference to the Fūrinkazan (lit. wind, forest, fire, mountain) battle standard of Takeda Shingen which quotes four phrases from Sun Tsu's The Art of War "as swift as wind, as silent as a forest, as fierce as fire, as unshakeable as a mountain." This may also a reference to the assassin Bang Shishigami from the BlazBlue series who uses this expression.

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