The Waiting Game

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The Waiting Game
Section Festival Event Quests
Event Halloween
Prophecies or Nightfall
Given by Mad King's Steward
in Lion's Arch or Kamadan, Jewel of Istan
Preceded by Stemming the Skeletal Tide
Type Festival quest

The Mad King's Steward is asking for help in the coming battle against Dhuum.

Quest information[edit]




Speak with the Voice of Grenth. Enter the Underworld and speak with Reaper of the Labyrinth. Complete all ten quests and then speak with King Frozenwind for the reward. Defeating Dhuum is not part of this quest.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Mad King's Steward
"Faced with overwhelming evidence, the Mad King has concluded his sense of impending doom was due to...well, you get the picture. But I fear this realization is all for naught. Though Mad King Thorn has the ability to appear in this world each autumn, his power over the mortal realm is limited. He informs me his strength within the Underworld is weaker still. As the Mad King's steward, [sic] I cannot do much more than sweep up his crumbs and groom his invisible pony. So, it seems we can offer no further assistance; you and the others of your realm must face the return of Dhuum. If you wish to hold back the coming night, seek out the Voice of Grenth and offer your assistance."
Yes Accept: "It will be done. I shall speak with the Voice of Grenth."
No Decline: "Thanks for nothing. I think I'll go find a nice place to cry."
Ask Ask: "Go offer the Voice of Grenth your assistance."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Voice of Grenth

"The time is nigh. Dhuum stirs."
Reaper of the Labyrinth
"Once again we meet, mortal. These are dark times. The minions of Dhuum rampage unchecked, and their ranks swell with every passing day. If they are not defeated, Dhuum's servants will overwhelm the Underworld. Herein lies the dilemma: the minions must be stopped, but each small victory over Dhuum's forces hastens the Ender of All's arrival. We Reapers need your help to battle the legions of Dhuum, but know that if you do our bidding and complete all the tasks laid before you, Dhuum will surely break free into the Underworld. It is a heavy responsibility we have laid upon your capable shoulders."

Reward dialogue[edit]

King Frozenwind
"It is time, now is the hour of Dhuum. The pillars of the Underworld shake, and a great storm of death gathers! Prepare yourself, brave mortal, for Dhuum wakes. Gather your allies, for the battle for the fate of the Underworld is at a hand!"


  • The Quest Log displays "Mad King's Steward (Lion's Arch)" even if your character acquired this quest in Kamadan.


  • This quest was introduced in Halloween 2009, but players had to "wait" until after the November 19, 2009 update to be able to complete this quest.
  • In 2009, this quest was only attainable between November 5 and November 9, 2009. After this time, the Mad King Steward was removed from Lion's Arch and Kamadan, Jewel of Istan.
  • In 2009, you could take this quest independently of completing the other Halloween 2009 quests.
    • If you took the quest in 2009, you were able to complete it until Halloween 2010 ended, when all festival quests were removed from the quest log. The development team confirmed that this will be standard from now on: quests will only be available for the duration of each special event.
  • This quest was introduced in Halloween 2009 with a reward of 100 Trick-or-Treat Bags, which was increased to 250 in 2010.
  • The original dialogue was rewritten in 2010.
  • The Mad King Thorn's invisible pony is introduced as Gum Drops, the Noble Steed in Halloween 2011 with the challenge mission Scarred Psyche.