Horticulturist Hinon

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Horticulturist Hinon
Vabbian noble m.jpg
Appearance in Tihark Orchard
Affiliation Vabbians
Type Human
Profession Ranger Ranger
Level(s) 10, 20 (20)
Campaign Nightfall
Horticulturist Hinon map.jpg
Location in Garden of Seborhin

Horticulturist Hinon is one of the lead gardeners of the Garden of Seborhin.




Quests given:

Quests involved in:



In Garden of Seborhin and Tihark Orchard

"You'd better not damage the leaves. I've tended the garden for years, and I'm not about to let a brute like you undo all my hard work!"

In Jennur's Horde

"I can summon the Light of Seborhin, but we will need the help of the Spirits if we hope to defeat the Harbingers."