Light of Seborhin (bundle)

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Light of Seborhin
Light of Seborhin (bundle).jpg
Drop skill Light of Seborhin.jpg Light of Seborhin
Single-use Yes
Campaign Nightfall

The Light of Seborhin is the only way to kill the Harbingers in the Jennur's Horde mission. When used against the Harbinger of Nightfall, you must have three lights to defeat it.


The Light of Seborhin is a bundle that appears only in the Jennur's Horde mission.


  • Lights of Seborhin can only damage Harbingers, not Margonites, so don't try to use them against the groups of lesser demons. However, they will not detonate unless dropped near a Harbinger, so don't hesitate to drop a Light to help the rest of your team fight a group of Margonites.