Harbinger of Nightfall

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Harbinger of Nightfall
Torment warrior.jpg
Affiliation Torment creatures
Type Demon
Profession Warrior Warrior
Level(s) 28 (30)
Campaign Nightfall

The Harbinger of Nightfall is the final boss-like foe that appears in the Nundu Bay and Jennur's Horde missions.



Jennur's Horde[edit]

Nundu Bay[edit]

Armor ratings[edit]

Armor ratings
Blunt damage 123 Piercing damage 123 Slashing damage 123
Cold damage 103 Earth damage 103 Fire damage 103 Lightning damage 103

Items dropped[edit]


"Yes, weak mortals. Come to me. You will provide precious amusement, and your death will herald a beginning to Nightfall."


  • Nundu Bay mission
    • When fighting this creature, you will have to hex it with Vial of Purified Water, which is a projectile hex, in order to do any damage.
    • Unlike the Harbingers of Twilight, this one takes half damage from all sources.
    • The Harbinger of Nightfall does have natural boss health regeneration, but as its health is prevented from changing in any way unless it is hexed with Vial of Purified Water, this (as well as healing from its Margonite allies) will only make a difference while the Vial of Purified Water affects it.
  • Jennur's Horde mission
    • In this mission, the Harbinger of Nightfall can only be damaged by the Light of Seborhin.
    • Unlike the normal Harbingers, this Harbinger requires 3 Lights of Seborhin to kill it. The third Light of Seborhin will always kill the Harbinger.
    • The Harbinger of Nightfall has no inherent health regeneration, and any healing skills used on it will have no effect.