Stolen Supplies

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Stolen Supplies
Stolen Supplies.png
Rarity Common
Type Trophy
Value 20 Gold
Stackable Yes
Campaign Factions
Collector(s) Morokam
Common salvage 2-3 Bolts of Cloth
2-3 Plant Fibers
Rare salvage 1 Tempered Glass Vial
1-2 Vials of Ink
Stolen Supplies.jpg


Drop and salvage research is ongoing, and can be found here.

Farming: Jaya Bluffs[edit]


The route above provides the most yetis encountered with usually no conflict with the sensali. There are 30 yetis on this route.



Location: Jaya Bluffs
Collecting: 3 Stolen Supplies

Profession Item AR Armor bonus Value
Warrior Warrior Shing Jea Cuirass 55 None 30 Gold
Ranger Ranger Shing Jea Vest 45 Energy +5 30 Gold
Monk Monk Shing Jea Vestments 35 Energy +5 30 Gold
Necromancer Necromancer Shing Jea Tunic 35 None 30 Gold
Mesmer Mesmer Shing Jea Attire 35 Energy +5 30 Gold
Elementalist Elementalist Shing Jea Robes 35 None 30 Gold
Assassin Assassin Shing Jea Guise 45 Energy +5 30 Gold
Ritualist Ritualist Shing Jea Raiment 35 None 30 Gold

Nicholas the Traveler[edit]

Location: Jaya Bluffs (week of next appearance: 17 June 2024)
Collecting: 3 Stolen Supplies

Item Value
Gift of the Traveler 0Gold