Witman's Folly

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Disambig icon.png This article is about an explorable area. This name is also used for a Zaishen vanquish quest.
Witman's Folly
Witman's Folly.jpg
Campaign Prophecies
Region Southern Shiverpeaks
Type Explorable area
Exit(s) Droknar's Forge
Port Sledge
Witman's Folly map.jpg
Interactive map
Non-interactive maps

Witman's Folly is a relatively small area that is made up snowy terrain and ice blocks that borders a frozen sea to the south. The Deldrimor Dwarves maintain a port to the southwest for their ice ships. The western half of this area has dense populations of Grawl while the seemingly empty eastern areas are in truth hiding many Nightmare groups.

Getting there[edit]

Witman's Folly lies southeast of Droknar's Forge and is usually traversed on the way to Port Sledge in the southwestern corner of this area.


Resurrection shrines
  • West, near the center of the western half of the map.



Charmable animals[edit]





  • Elementalist 22 (26) Ice Imp (does not always spawn)



Grawl (4 of these 5 Grawl bosses spawn in any one instance)



  • Complete exploration of this area contributes approximately 0.8% to the Tyrian Cartographer title.
  • Vanquisher runs of this area without active quests require defeating around 100 foes. Including quest influences, it has been reported to range from 88 to 112 foes.
    • Be careful with approaching the Grawl groups as they patrol close to each other.
    • Consider clearing the western half first (the Grawl). The only visible groups in the eastern half are the two boss groups. Be careful of hidden Nightmare popups when approaching the two boss groups.
    • There is a pair of Grawl that can easily be missed as they may travel the length of the path that connects to Droknar's Forge.
  • Skills can be captured faster by repeatedly entering from Port Sledge until the Grawl boss with the desired elite spawns near the portal.
  • The Grawl here have very few skills and even on hard mode they are easy to interrupt. This combined with their clustered nature makes the Wastrel skills extremely potent here.
  • Three Shiverpeak Chests (Locked Chests in Hard mode) will always spawn in this area, occasionally one of the chests spawns directly outside of Droknar's Forge.


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