Roaring Ether Heart

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Roaring Ether Heart
Roaring Ether Heart.png
Rarity Common
Type Salvage item
Value 25 Gold
Stackable Yes
Campaign Nightfall
Collector(s) Nicholas the Traveler
Common salvage 1-2 Granite Slabs
2 Piles of Glittering Dust
Rare salvage 1 Ruby

Roaring Ether Hearts are dropped by Roaring Ethers.


Drop and expert salvage research is ongoing and can be found here.


The Mirror of Lyss
Farming route in The Mirror of Lyss

Enter from Dzagonur Bastion or Honur Hill. There is an Elemental Hunt bounty available outside Dzagonur Bastion. If your character does not need Lightbringer points but you want blessings, you can determine which outpost you enter from based on the blessings offered by the avatar outside of the outpost (i.e. Champion of Balthazar and Lyssa's Muse outside Dzagonur Bastion and Honur Hill, respectively). There are nine groups of four elementals each in the eastern part of the zone. Most of these groups contain three Roaring Ethers, but some contain only two. Only the level 24 Roaring Ethers have Resurrection Signet and there are usually one or two of these to a group. They will not use Resurrection Signet on the Ruby Djinn or Sapphire Djinn in their group. Prioritizing Ruby or Sapphire Djinn, and then Roaring Ethers with unspent Resurrection Signets will make the fights easier.


Nicholas the Traveler[edit]

Location: The Mirror of Lyss (week of next appearance: 8 July 2024)
Collecting: 1 Roaring Ether Heart

Item Value
Gift of the Traveler 0Gold