House zu Heltzer (Great House)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about one of the Kurzick Great Houses. For the town in Echovald Forest, see House zu Heltzer.
The town, House zu Heltzer, is named after the Kurzick house of the same name.

If one house rules the others, it is House zu Heltzer. They are justifiably proud to call Saint Viktor an ancestor of their line and Count zu Heltzer is not above lording this fact over the other houses at times. House zu Heltzer also deserves much of the credit for their people’s current cultural renaissance of philosophy, magic, medicine, and art. They are renowned for their magical innovations, their lifesaving techniques, and their practical methods of enchanting and shaping the stone that makes up the Kurzick domain. They are also well-versed in the arts of magical wards and protection. If there is one thing they are better at shaping than stone, it is political thought, as their continued leadership role in the faction attests. Their patron god is Dwayna.

— Loremaster Ermenred

House zu Heltzer is one of five Kurzick houses in Cantha, known as one of the Great Houses that can trace its family roots back to ancient times. The zu Heltzer's seat of power is the primary township of Echovald Forest. The members of this house hold the renowned Saint Viktor as their patron saint. The house is currently led by Count Petrov zu Heltzer and his daughter, Danika.

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