Enslavement Stone

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Enslavement Stone
Enslavement Stone.png
Rarity Common
Type Trophy
Value 30 Gold
Stackable Yes
Campaign Prophecies
Collector(s) Molenin
Common salvage 6-8 Piles of Glittering Dust

Enslavement Stones are carried by the Stone Summit Dwarves in Sorrow's Furnace. It is believed that the Enslavement Stones are what allows the Stone Summit to control the Dredge.


Drop and salvage research is ongoing, and can be found here.



Location: Sorrow's Furnace
Collecting: 5 Enslavement Stones

Item Stats Value
Scroll of Adventurer's Insight.png Scroll of Adventurer's Insight For 10 minutes your party gains +50% XP from combat. 100 Gold

Nicholas the Traveler[edit]

Location: Grenth's Footprint (week of next appearance: 21 September 2026)
Collecting: 2 Enslavement Stones

Item Value
Gift of the Traveler 0Gold


  • This item shares its model with an Elementalist Skill Gem (although this content was never implemented in the released games).