Cult of Verata

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The Cult of Verata is considered to be Verata's guild and was referred to as the "Verata cultists" by Nicholas the Traveler. Its members are only found in southern Kessex Peak.

Known members[edit]


List of hostile NPCs[edit]

Location Name
Guild Wars Prophecies
Kryta Ranger 20 (26) Eyes of Verata
Monk 20 (26) Shepherd of Verata
Necromancer 20 (26) Apprentice of Verata
Mesmer 20 (26) Sage of Verata


  • While called the Cult of Verata here, the real name of this hypothetical guild is unknown.
  • The Cult of Verata use bandit models and drop bandit trophies: Leather Belts.