Mesmer Discreet Mask

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Mesmer Discreet Mask
Profession Mesmer Mesmer-tango-icon-20.png
Campaign Prophecies, Factions
PvP Discreet (PvP reward)
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The Mesmer Discreet Mask is an art type introduced in the Prophecies campaign as starter armor (named Mesmer Mask). It can also be crafted in Prophecies without attribute bonus up to max armor level and with any attribute bonus at max armor level, and in Factions at max armor level with an attribute bonus only.

Professor Yakkington[edit]

Location: Pre-Searing Regent Valley in the secret garden.
Collecting: 50 Red Iris Flowers.

Profession Item AR Armor bonus Value
Mesmer Mesmer Discreet Mask 7 Item's Attribute +1 (Stacking) 3 Gold

Location Armorer AR Cost Materials
Ascalon City Banoit 15 20Gold 1 Bolt(s) of Cloth
Piken Square Harlan
Ascalon City Corwen 30 75Gold 2 Bolt(s) of Cloth
Yak's Bend Breyshaw
Lion's Arch Samuka
Bergen Hot Springs Kailan 39 100Gold 3 Bolt(s) of Cloth
Beetletun Shada
Quarrel Falls Saphir
Ventari's Refuge Hanita 45 200Gold 4 Bolt(s) of Cloth
Henge of Denravi Alemeth
Stingray Strand Sol Pyrrhus 51 250Gold 8 Bolt(s) of Cloth
The Amnoon Oasis Kathir
Droknar's Forge Morgren 60 1Platinum 25 Bolt(s) of Cloth
4 Pile(s) of Glittering Dust
Kaineng Center Suki 60 1Platinum 25 Bolt(s) of Cloth
4 Pile(s) of Glittering Dust

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