Zehtuka's Great Horn

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Zehtuka's Great Horn
Zehtuka's Great Horn.png
Rarity Common
Type Quest item
Value Can't be sold
Stackable Yes
Campaign Nightfall
Purified Hunter's Horn.jpg

Zehtuka's Great Horn is one of four items belonging to the Great Zehtuka that randomly appears in the explorable areas of the Desolation. If you are carrying it when you defeat him as an opponent in the first round of the Norn Fighting Tournament, he will automatically exchange this item for Zehtuka's Horn.


Location in Crystal Overlook

As with all of Zehtuka's items, Zehtuka's Great Horn is dropped only as the party approaches its (potential) spawning point in The Desolation:


  • If you re-zone, the Horn will respawn (even if you have one already); you can collect several and transfer to other characters interested in getting the off-hand. It can also be traded to other players.
  • The Great Horn drops in Nightfall; you need Eye of the North to exchange it for the off-hand weapon.
  • Each character can only perform the exchange for Zehtuka's Horn once.
  • Zehtuka's other items are his: jug, pack, and shortbow.
Anomaly Anomaly.This is marked as a quest item, but is never mentioned as part of any quest. Mechanically, it is more like a collector's trophy.