Zehtuka's Horn

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Zehtuka's Horn
Zehtuka's Horn.jpg
Type Unique focus item
Campaign Eye of the North
Divine Favor
Energy Storage
Fast Casting
Soul Reaping
Spawning Power
Inventory icon Zehtuka's Horn.png

Zehtuka's Horn is a unique focus acquired by defeating The Great Zehtuka in the Norn Fighting Tournament while carrying Zehtuka's Great Horn.


Energy +6
Received physical damage -5 (Chance: 20%)
Energy +6 (Requires 9 Divine Favor)
Energy +6 (Requires 9 Energy Storage)
Energy +6 (Requires 9 Fast Casting)
Energy +6 (Requires 9 Soul Reaping)
Energy +6 (Requires 9 Spawning Power)
Health +30

Unique counterpart[edit]

  • The Bison Cup has nearly identical stats of this item; however, it increases armor instead of reducing physical damage.