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The Norn Fighting Tournament

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The Norn Fighting Tournament
The Norn Fighting Tournament.jpg
Campaign Eye of the North
Region Far Shiverpeaks
Type Explorable area
Exit(s) None

The Norn Fighting Tournament is a minigame in Guild Wars Eye of the North to earn reputation with the Norn. The tournament arena can be found in Gunnar's Hold and is accessible to all characters who arrive at this town. This minigame pits your character against 5 different opponents in consecutive one-on-one battles. Should you prevail, you will face down Magni the Bison (most of the time, see the Rules section below), the champion and founder of this tournament.

Game mechanics[edit]

Your character must have the quest Round 1: Fight! in order to enter the tournament. Obtain the quest from Magni the Bison if this is the first time your character is entering the tournament or is re-entering the tournament after previously winning the tournament. Losing the tournament will keep that quest in your quest log. Talk to Gellir Frostshield to start the tournament. A fee of 100Gold is automatically deducted from your character upon confirmation.


There are six consecutive rounds that you must win in total to be considered the winner of the tournament. In the first five rounds, an opponent is randomly selected from a subset of those listed below, i.e. each opponent can appear in only a particular round so that each round has a different set of potential foes. In the sixth round, your opponent will be Magni the Bison (although, in extremely rare cases, you might face Palawa Joko during Final Round, Championship Edition: Fight!).

The tournament takes place in a small explorable area designed as an arena. Each of the 6 rounds of battle (5 random opponents and the final round) takes place in a different instance of the area. Your character starts each round in a side room. The door to the battle chamber is locked for 10 seconds; when the timer ends, the door opens and your previously neutral opponent turns hostile. However, you will not aggro your foe until you step out of the side-door, giving you extra time to cast enchantments or preparations. When you leave the side room, the door will close behind you and you must kill or be killed.


One-time rewards

Optimized Walkthrough[edit]

Skill recommendations[edit]


All of the potential opponents are listed in the table below, all of whom are level 20 (unless noted). There are six foes in the pool of each odd-numbered round and seven in the even-numbered ones. The final round pits you against Magni the Bison, although Palawa Joko appears on very rare occasions during Final Round, Championship Edition: Fight!.

Profession Opponent Round Skill bar Notes
Alesia 2
Sever Artery.jpg
Final Thrust.jpg
Healing Hands.jpg
Healing Breeze.jpg
Using a Wammo build
Argo 5
Stone Daggers.jpg
Argo's Cry.jpg
Sliver Armor.jpg
Stoneflesh Aura.jpg
Mystic Regeneration.jpg
Armor of Earth.jpg
Earth Attunement.jpg
Using a terra tank build.
Cynn 3
Star Burst.jpg
Flame Burst.jpg
Glyph of Restoration.jpg
Fire Attunement.jpg
Using a Starburster build.
Brutus (level 10 Fungal Wallow)
Sheena (level 10 Fungal Wallow)
Healing Burst.jpg
Orison of Healing.jpg
Heal Other.jpg
Heal Area.jpg
Healing Touch.jpg
Vampiric Gaze.jpg
Shadow Strike.jpg
Blood Ritual.jpg
Vile Touch.jpg
Deathly Swarm.jpg
Death Nova.jpg
You must defeat Danika to win.
Defeating Brutus or Sheena does not count.
Devona 5
Crushing Blow.jpg
Protector's Strike.jpg
Death's Charge.jpg
Shadow Refuge.jpg
Healing Signet.jpg
Eve 4
Spiteful Spirit.jpg
Insidious Parasite.jpg
Parasitic Bond.jpg
Price of Failure.jpg
Reckless Haste.jpg
Leech Signet.jpg
Power Drain.jpg
Ether Feast.jpg
Using an SS Necro build.
Ghostly Hero (level 28) 4
Agonizing Chop.jpg
Distracting Blow.jpg
Savage Shot.jpg
Distracting Shot.jpg
Troll Unguent.jpg
Swaps from a bow (at range) to an axe (for melee range).
Gwen 5
Energy Burn.jpg
Power Spike.jpg
Leech Signet.jpg
Wastrel's Worry.jpg
Wastrel's Demise.jpg
Signet of Midnight.jpg
Spiritual Pain.jpg
Uses Signet of Midnight.
Can dispatch spirits quickly.
Headmaster Vhang 4
Lightning Strike.jpg
Lightning Orb.jpg
Mind Shock.jpg
Blinding Flash.jpg
Armor of Sanctity.jpg
Mystic Regeneration.jpg
Air Attunement.jpg
Conjure Lightning.jpg
Uses Mind Shock air spike build.
Kahmu 4
Victorious Sweep.jpg
Chilling Victory.jpg
Avatar of Balthazar.jpg
Heart of Fury.jpg
Balthazar's Rage.jpg
Mystic Vigor.jpg
Faithful Intervention.jpg
Rending Touch.jpg
Uses Avatar of Balthazar and removes enchantments.
Defeating Kahmu will unlock him as a hero.
Kilroy 1
Sever Artery.jpg
Final Thrust.jpg
Healing Hands.jpg
Using a Wammo build
Kisai 1
Blinding Surge.jpg
Lightning Javelin.jpg
Lightning Strike.jpg
Lightning Bolt.jpg
Aura of Restoration.jpg
Air Attunement.jpg
Using an air spike build based around Blinding Surge.
Koss 4
Critical Chop.jpg
Healing Signet.jpg
Using a Shock warrior build.
Little Thom 1
Crippling Slash.jpg
Breath of Fire.jpg
Fire Storm.jpg
Glyph of Lesser Energy.jpg
Healing Signet.jpg
Using a Hamstorm build.
Lo Sha 1
Recurring Insecurity.jpg
Conjure Phantasm.jpg
Images of Remorse.jpg
Mantra of Persistence.jpg
Ether Feast.jpg
Uses Recurring Insecurity and degen hexes.
Lukas 3
Deadly Riposte.jpg
Auspicious Parry.jpg
Galrath Slash.jpg
Healing Signet.jpg
Using a stance tank build.
Magni the Bison (level 24) 6
Devastating Hammer.jpg
Crushing Blow.jpg
Auspicious Blow.jpg
Counter Blow.jpg
Irresistible Blow.jpg
Purge Signet.jpg
Bear Form.jpg
Possesses Factions and Nightfall boss characteristics
Melonni 2
Chilling Victory.jpg
Mystic Sweep.jpg
Armor of Sanctity.jpg
Veil of Thorns.jpg
Mystic Regeneration.jpg
Avatar of Dwayna.jpg
Removes hexes.
Mhenlo 5
Protective Spirit.jpg
Healing Breeze.jpg
Shield of Judgment.jpg
Symbol of Wrath.jpg
Blessed Signet.jpg
Balthazar's Spirit.jpg
Blessed Aura.jpg
Using a 55 Monk build boosted by an infinite-length Protective Spirit.
Morgahn 4
Barbed Spear.jpg
Slayer's Spear.jpg
"Go for the Eyes!".jpg
Anthem of Flame.jpg
Apply Poison.jpg
Troll Unguent.jpg
Spams conditions.
Nika 5
Black Lotus Strike.jpg
Horns of the Ox.jpg
Shattering Assault.jpg
Siphon Speed.jpg
Expose Defenses.jpg
Shadow Refuge.jpg
Utilizes a broken build due to the fact that Black Lotus Strike is no more an off-hand attack.
Norgu 2
Visions of Regret.jpg
Elemental Resistance.jpg
Physical Resistance.jpg
Shatter Enchantment.jpg
Wastrel's Demise.jpg
Ether Feast.jpg
Uses Visions of Regret; removes enchantments.
Unlike others, does not wait for you to enter ring (charges after the door opens).
Old Mac
Joe (level 20 Devourer)
Thrill of Victory.jpg
Wild Blow.jpg
Broad Head Arrow.jpg
Hunter's Shot.jpg
Penetrating Attack.jpg
Power Shot.jpg
Read the Wind.jpg
Joe applies dazed and Old Mac can end stances.
Orion 2
Fire Storm.jpg
Mark of Rodgort.jpg
Aura of Restoration.jpg
Elemental Attunement.jpg
Fire Attunement.jpg
Uses Mark of Rodgort and spams Flare.
Palawa Joko (level 24)
Two Minions of Joko (level 15)
Animate Undead (Palawa Joko).jpg
Order of the Lich (Palawa Joko).jpg
Order of Unholy Vigor (Palawa Joko).jpg

Final Thrust.jpg
Soldier's Strike.jpg
"For Great Justice!".jpg
Appears rarely during Final Round, Championship Edition: Fight!.
You must defeat Palawa to prevail, he can resurrect his minions.
Panaku 3
Jagged Strike.jpg
Wild Strike.jpg
Death Blossom.jpg
Moebius Strike.jpg
Blinding Powder.jpg
Shadow Refuge.jpg
Uses Moebius Strike to spam Death Blossom.
Razah 4
Boon of Creation.jpg
Using a spirit spammer build based around Wanderlust.
Sogolon 1
Spear of Lightning.jpg
"Shields Up!".jpg
"Watch Yourself!".jpg
Mending Refrain.jpg
Soldier's Fury.jpg
Talon Silverwing 5
Silverwing Slash.jpg
Sun and Moon Slash.jpg
Dragon Slash.jpg
Savage Slash.jpg
"Shields Up!".jpg
"For Great Justice!".jpg
Enraging Charge.jpg
Healing Signet.jpg
Spams adrenaline skills.
The Great Zehtuka 1
Trapper's Speed.jpg
Barbed Trap.jpg
Flame Trap.jpg
Smoke Trap.jpg
Healing Spring.jpg
Whirling Defense.jpg
Using a Trapper build.
Will exchange Zehtuka's Horn for Zehtuka's Great Horn.
Vekk 2
Ice Spear.jpg
Vapor Blade.jpg
Blurred Vision.jpg
Armor of Mist.jpg
Uses Shatterstone spike build.
Warmaster Tydus 3
Burning Arrow.jpg
Distracting Shot.jpg
Savage Shot.jpg
Screaming Shot.jpg
Apply Poison.jpg
Troll Unguent.jpg
Interrupts and causes massive degen.
Xandra 2
Destructive Was Glaive.jpg
Channeled Strike.jpg
Renewing Surge.jpg
Soothing Memories.jpg
Vengeful Weapon.jpg
Using a Destructive Was Glaive bomber build.
Defeating Xandra will unlock her as a hero.
Onyx (level 20 Black Moa)
Counter Blow.jpg
Disrupting Lunge.jpg
Rampage as One.jpg
Troll Unguent.jpg
Comfort Animal.jpg
Charm Animal.jpg
Using a Bunny Thumper build.
She will give you Zho's Journal after defeating her the first time.



Some of these NPCs may sometimes be seen standing among the spectators:

Other allies[edit]

  • Warrior 20 Spectator
  • Ranger 20, 24 Spectator
  • Monk 24 Spectator
  • Elementalist 20 Spectator
  • Ritualist 20 Spectator
  • Paragon 20 Spectator
Note: These spectators offer up random quotes from the start of the countdown timer until the end of the round. Some of their quotes are funny and some offer hints on your current opponent. See Spectator for the full list of quotes.


Each opponent has different dialogue lines for the opening line, the start-of-battle quote, a victory comment, and a defeat comment.

Opponent Opening line Battle quote Victory line Defeat line
Alesia "People have told me that I would have made a better Warrior than a Monk, so I've come here seeking not to soothe the hurts, but cause them!" "It is not the judgement of the gods that need concern you, but my own!"
"A lack of faith will always lead to defeat!"
"Compassion is not the same as weakness!"
"The gods do not hear prayers when they are drowned out by your cries!"
"So it has been willed, so it has come to pass!" "The gods act in mysterious ways...."
Argo "We Turtle Clan are calculating fighters who crush our foes with overwhelming force. You may surrender now, with no dishonor." "My power shakes the heavens themselves!"
"For the pride of the Luxons!"
"I have already seen through your attacks!"
"Become ash!"
"The Turtle shall always prevail. Those who believe otherwise are fools!" "Perhaps it is time, after all, that Seaguard Hala stepped up to champion our people."
Cynn "Stay out of my way. Mhenlo joined this tournament for some foolish reason, and I plan to drag him back...after I beat him to a blackened pulp for bringing me up here!" "Shall I teach you what happens when you play with fire?"
"Violence may not solve anything, but it sure feels good!"
"I shall show you hell...before I send you to heaven!"
"My temper flares quickly...and tends to burn both the fuse and the match."
"Really, did you truly expect any other outcome? Be honest." "I let you off easy. I'm saving my rage for someone else!"
Danika "Too long have we Kurzicks sheltered ourselves away from the world. Come, show me the best the lands beyond Echovald have to offer!" "Let me show you the dark dance..."
"Dwayna, watch over me!"
"The gods are with us!"
"Burtus! Sheena! Sic 'em!"
"You dance like a petrified tree. Learn the steps before we dance again." "To think that such power could exist..."
Devona "Well met, <character name>. I never thought to stand against you on the field of battle, but a true Warrior tests herself against all worthy opponents." "Have I hammered my point home, yet?"
"This will hurt me more than it hurts you. Okay, I lied."
"I find that a hammer to the face really helps emphasize the point I'm trying to make."
"How's your head feel? ...How about now?"
"My father was surely watching over me from the Mists this day." "Perhaps my greatest strength comes not from within, but from those to whom I grant my trust."
Eve "Are you interesting to play with? Adam told me I wouldn't be disappointed if I came here. You don't want to make him a liar, do you?" "I can feel your life slipping away..."
"What's that, Adam? Adam says he doesn't like you."
"Death is not to be feared. Here, let me show you."
"Have you abandoned hope? Good. Now you can see the truth."
"I'm not a bad girl.... I've done you a kindness by allowing you to feel Grenth's embrance. Give him my regards." "That wasn't nice. You didn't even let Adam bite you."
Ghostly Hero "For centuries I have sought to reclaim the honor of my past. This victory shall be but another step along the journey." "I defeated Palawa Joko! You are no challenge for me!"
"Go to the Underworld? I just came back from there!"
"Glory fades. Scars last forever!"
"Have some sympathy for the dead. You'll be one of us soon!"
"I have mastered the art of war centuries before you were born. Did you truly think you could defeat me?" "My throne is taken, my blade broken...the victory is yours."
Gwen "I have nothing against you, <character name>, but I will fight to gain the strength I need to do what I must." "Allow me to show you the lessons life has taught me!"
"Even the most delicate flowers can hide thorns."
"No matter what, I won't give up!"
"Don't underestimate my strength!"
"Wielding strength without justice is only senseless violence." "I need more strength if I'm to protect what's important to me...."
Headmaster Vhang "I am the youngest, most talented headmaster at Shing Jea and, perhaps, the greatest Elementalist in the world. All that's left is enlightening imbecile at a time." "Do not waste my time. There is nothing I can learn from you."
"Defeat shall solve the problem of your massive ego."
"This is the greatest fight you shall ever face."
"Do you want to know what happens when you get struck by lightning?"
"My victory was academic from the start." "I got distracted pondering my perfection."
Kahmu "I am on the path to enlightenment. You are on the path to pain!" "No brawn is a match for my brain!"
"Feel the bite of bitter defeat!"
"My scythe swings true!"
"Fear me, in all my considerable might! I am Kahmu!"
"Like so many were not worthy to challenge me." "I...lost. How? I have bested a dozen Norn! I slew a gang of Am Fah singlehandedly! But, against you, I have been brought low.... You have my respect <character name>. I offer my scythe in your service."
"Kilroy's Heavenly Boulder Smash!"
"Kilroy's Suckermouth Suckerpunch!"
"Kilroy's Concussion of Thunderous Rage!"
"There are two ways to win a fight: there's the right way, and the Kilroy Stonekin way. Doing it my way is just a lot faster." "Next time I just need to yell LOUDER...!"
Kisai "It is an honor to meet you on the battlefield. You surely are an able opponent. I only wish that I could say the same for myself. I will do my best to make this a good fight!" "Oh...I do not think I did that right."
"Maybe if I try this move?"
"Goodness. I am sorry!"
"I think I got it that time!"
"I...I do not believe it. I actually won! Perhaps the others were right about my potential? Oh, I am sorry! You are not permanently disfigured, are you?" "I guess I need to train harder. I will be strong like you someday!"
Koss "In all the world, there is no fighter who can equal my power and wild good looks. After I win this tournament, even Melonni will have to admit I'm right." "I want you to hit me as hard as you can."
"I'm about to run wild on you!"
"I'll cut you up the middle!"
"Look at me! I'm fighting alone!"
"When you see the gods, be sure to thank Balthazar for allowing you to fight me." "I never prepare for defeat, because I know when it comes I'll still look good."
Little Thom "Don't take this the wrong way, but you're not even half so intimidatin' as an angry Farrah Cappo. I need these tournament winnings to settle some old debts, so I'm going to be beatin' you now." "There's still time to run crying to your mama!"
"My best friend often comes between myself and others. A pity for you that my best friend is my axe!"
"How would you like to be a wee bit shorter?"
"Face me! There's nothing that Little Thom fears! Well...almost nothing!"
"Har! If there were anyone that could stand against Little Thom, I'd knock 'em offa their feet. And once again for good measure!" "My blade was just a little dull. You won't be so lucky next time!"
Lo Sha "Winning this tournament will be exceptionally easy. The whole world will acknowledge my greatness...and Mei Ling will no longer be able to resist my charms!" "Did you just see that? No? That's the point!"
"You lost this fight the moment I became your opponent."
"If only Mei Ling were here to witness my perfect form..."
"Your hope of winning is only an illusion."
"Take some solace in your defeat; at least you had the honor of facing one so distinguished as I." "You struck me? Not even my father would hit such a beautiful face!"
Lukas "Do not be intimidated by my greatness. This is a rare opportunity to learn the art of fighting from the great Lukas of House Vasburg. Watch carefully, you'll only see this once!" "Don't hate me for my style and power. It's hard to be this talented."
"Your loss will be a footnote in the story of my greatness!"
"Why do you fight when you know you will lose?"
"At least pretend like you can put up a decent fight."
"My amazing prowess in combat is a self-imposed restriction I break with every breath I take." "I suppose I might have underestimated your pitiable skills. When next we meet, I shall not hold back to spare your feelings."
Magni the Bison "At last, you have earned the right to face me. Long have I waited for a true challenge. Do not disappoint me." "Show me how defenseless you really are!"
"Know my strength, and despair!"
"Show me the fire in your soul!"
"You cannot win without putting your life on the line!"
"You thought you could best me? Me? Fool! I am the greatest!" "Is this what it feels lose?"
Melonni "My quarrel is not with you, <character name>. I'm just here to bring that fool of an ox, Koss, back with me. But if you won't stand aside, then I'm afraid I'll have to go through you first!" "Another savage day...!"
"There's only one way that you'll be leaving this place!"
"My scythe will end this discussion!"
"Until there's peace, I'll fight!"
"That's one less obstacle in my way!" "This can't...could I have been wrong for once?"
Mhenlo "Greetings. Do not take what I am about to do to you personally." "Balthazar, give me strength!"
"Sometimes kindness hurts."
"Pray that Dwayna can mend what I'm about to do..."
"You don't have a prayer! I, on the other hand..."
"May the light of Dwayna give you solace in your time of pain and loss." "Balthazar, I have failed. Give me the strength to fight again."
Morgahn "My debt to Lyssa has been paid. I no longer fight for redemption. Today, I fight for honor!" "Clear your thoughts and you may have a chance at victory."
"The spirit of a resolute man can move the world itself!"
"Think first, then act. So far, you have it half right..."
"That was the worst technique I've ever seen, and I've fought with Koss."
"Embrace the pain of defeat. Take it into your heart that you might know it. Then fight to never feel it again." "Your passion reminds me of a young Kournan Paragon I once knew."
Nika "I am Nika, descendant of Vizu, the great Canthan hero. Today, I shall prove the honor and strength of my name!" "Defeating you will be my honor."
"Which is faster, my daggers or your life flashing before your eyes?"
"Flee and people will think you weak...but at least you shall live to know it."
"Let me show you my beauty and prowess!"
"Do not agonize over this loss. You are simply one of many who have fallen before me." "Your technique is strong! It was my honor to fight such a worthy opponent this day."
Norgu "The curtain rises, the great hero walks upon the stage. The crowd erupts into thunderous applause, and begins to chant "Norgu! Norgu!" as the deadly dance begins!" "Your moves lack inspiration."
"Your scene is about to get cut!"
"Such passion! Such intensity! And then there's you."
"To win with prestige and glory is a sensation like no other. I have another epic to write!" "Well, this is one chapter to be cut when it comes for an edit pass...."
Old Mac "You had best be prepared. Joe and I are hungry for victory! Well, he's just plain old hungry!" "Best be careful...Joe is looking a bit hungry!"
"Two is always more terrifying than one, and I'm not just talking about Joe's stingers!"
"I've raised meaner-looking creatures than you!"
"When our powers combine..."
"Boy, that was a close one, eh Joe?" "Looks like it's back to army life for us, Joe."
Orion "Awestruck by my very presence? I don't blame you. I am Orion Elek, my skill in battle is matched only by my dashing good looks. When I enter a room, people aren't asking, "Is it hot in here?" just because of my mastery of the elements. Ha! Sometimes I even impress myself by my cleverness." "I make this look good!"
"Burn to ashes and scatter to the winds!"
"I'm the firestarter..."
"Do you know at what temperature flesh burns? Want to find out?"
"It's the same with every battle I've ever fought: my opponents cry, the women sigh, and the men just turn their heads!" "Oh, for the love mussed my hair!"
Palawa Joko "Cast your eyes aside, and tremble with fear, fleshling. The Scourge of Vabbi has come for your soul." "I shall enslave your soul and crush your body to make my bread."
"Your death at my hands shall be quick. Your life as my minion, eternal."
"My perfection is your obliteration!"
"The weakness of flesh is a disease. Let me cure you."
"You have lost the battle, and with it your immortal soul. I shall return later to collect on that debt." "Only one other has ever bested me in single combat...and I wish you all the success he enjoyed."
Panaku "Be grateful this tournament forces me to face you head on. Otherwise you would already be down, having never even seen me. I actually prefer it this way, for it deludes you into thinking you have a chance." "Just once, I'd like to hear you scream. In pain."
"My sins are beyond the grace of the gods. What's one more on the list?"
"Don't close your eyes. I want to see your fear."
"Don't die too fast. I want to enjoy this."
"Do not curse the gods for your fate. Curse your weakness instead." "There was more profit in a loss for me...this time."
Razah "I am told that doing battle with someone teaches you their secret desires. What will I learn from you, I wonder?" "Life is so fragile, and yet humans always seek to shatter it."
"Show me this thing you call determination. Is the will stronger than the realization?"
"If pain is such an unpleasant sensation, why do you seek it out?"
"The feeling of wanting to this desire?"
"Is this what humans call the thrill of victory? Something most definitely surged within me. Curious." "Interesting. I lost and yet I feel nothing. Perhaps the feeling of loss is simply the absence of gain. There are many answers I must seek."
Sogolon "The gods are with you this day. Lyssa has blessed you with the chance to bask in my radiant good looks. Dwayna will comfort you in your loss." "I will make this mercifully brief for you."
"Please, no autographs until after I win."
"Take in my beauty before your eyes are swollen shut."
"Don't feel isn't just your inadequacies. No one compares to me."

"My victory was simply providence...and my own incredible prowess." "No! This cannot be!"
Talon Silverwing "My victory will be honored through the ages. Your loss will be forgotten as quickly as it happens." "This will only hurt once. But the pain will be excruciating."
"Come, show me your way of the warrior!"
"This is a mercy I grant to the weak."
"No words! Speak to me through your will to fight."
"You lack discipline. It is as simple as that." "The harmony between my mind and my blade was disrupted."
The Great Zehtuka "Stand in awe. The greatest of all hunters is before you! Someday, you will tell your grandchildren that this was the day you met a legend in the flesh!" "Does my greatness intimidate you?"
"You're just another trophy on my wall!"
"Tales will be told of this fight. Mostly about how impressive I am!"
"You would do better to grasp a wurm's tonsils than stand against me!"
"I won? I mean...of course I won! I am, after all, a legend in my own mind. Er, time." "The Great Zehtuka has allowed you to win so that you do not become discouraged by your failures. Let that be a valuable lesson to you!"

First defeat with Zehtuka's Great Horn:
"You only managed to beat me because I was distracted by the great horn you carry, which you clearly must have known was mine! Let me take that off your hands so that our next match may be more fair. Here, take this other one as a reward for returning it to me."
Vekk "Greetings, <character name>! I couldn't resist the chance to show off my intellect and ability. Pity that I have to beat you to do it." "Did I just blow your mind?"
"I am excellent at putting things together. Now let's see how I fare at breaking them!"
"I have already anticipated and countered your next hundred moves!"
"Let me show you what a genius is capable of."
"Everything went according to my designs." "Perhaps I forgot to carry the one in my battle calculations...."
Warmaster Tydus "The people of Ascalon know war, pain, and loss. We also know determination. Even when the Wall fell, our spirits did not. The fire of our will cannot be extinguished!" "For Ascalon!"
"Stay down. Or do you want me to hurt you again?"
"Tell me...why do you fight?"
"One shot. One kill."
"You could come at me with all you have, and you would still crash like a wave upon the rocks!" "This battle is not important. I have a real war to fight."
Xandra "That chill you feel is Grenth's hand upon your shoulder, sensing your imminent defeat." "Spirits, heed my cry! Fight!"
"You'll have to do better. Much better."
"Fool! My powers lie far beyond mortal ken!"
"My mother would be proud to see me fight so!"
"Go back to school. You need practice." "Curses! You've beaten me fair and square. I guess it's true that there is always someone better than you out there. My mother sent me to the foreign land for my own protection and to seek new experiences. It appears I have finally found an individual worth following. My services are yours."
Zho "Do you seek to challenge me? Had you seen the horrors I have witnessed...and my bow has might reconsider. Allow me to introduce you to Onyx. You two get acquainted now!" "Melandru, guide my arrows!"
"My arrows don't hurt. They kill."
"Just stand still. Moving only makes the wound go deeper."
"You need more training. That's all I've got to say."
"You can choose to master your fear, or allow it to master you. You simply were not ready to face me yet." "Every loss I walk away from is another lesson learned, another mistake I shall never repeat."

First defeat:
"You love these birds, don't you? I can see it in your eyes. They're so majestic.... Perhaps you'd be interested in this book. It tells the tale of how I found my Onyx. It might even help you find a Black Moa chick of your own!"


  • The tournament cannot be fought in Hard mode; the game will always switch to Normal mode upon entering.
  • Opponents do not drop loot; however, their companions can drop seasonal items if they die before you win the round.
  • Spirits placed in the starting room will not have line of sight to the main battle; spirits placed in the starting room's doorway will. Alternatively, you can move the spirits into the main room just before the gate shuts.
  • A "You were not worthy." message appears if you die during the tournament.


  • The sentence "I'm the firestarter..." (Orion) is from the song Firestarter by The Prodigy.
  • The spectators used to heal the participants prior to the 4th September 2007 update.
  • Morgahn's reference to a 'Young Kournan Paragon' is almost certainly a reference to himself.
  • Koss's line "I want you to hit me as hard as you can" is a line from the movie Fight Club.
  • Koss's line "Look at me! I'm fighting alone!" is a jab at the Sunspear motto, "You never fight alone."
  • Koss's line "I never prepare for defeat, because I know when it comes I'll still look good." is loosely based on actor Jim Kelly's final lines as Williams in Enter the Dragon.

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