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Hey guys, I just added an Advice line for the page (I know there's a guide to the tournament page, but I mainly thought on creating single tips for people so that they can run their own build, knowing the main things they do need to bring for the tournament), aiming for "must" skills or stuff you should bring in order to easy finish the tournament, I hope more people write down useful skills or tips so that the players find even more easy to finish. Nypher

Research: opponents and skillbars[edit]

I've added my observations so far. -- Gordon Ecker 12:15, 24 August 2007 (UTC)

And sorted them into tables.
Is there any observation making it reasonable that certain opponents are restricted to certain rounds? I've done the first 5 rounds about 20 times now, and I haven't noticed a pattern on where which opponent is to appear. Cynaes 17:24, 24 August 2007 (UTC)
Okay, I stand corrected, sorry :) Guess there were just so many, and I went through so many different opponents that I never thought of set round opponents. Anyway, since I can't make those spiffy tables, here's a list:
  • Round 1: Kilroy, Little Thom, Lo Sha, Sogolon, Zehtuka, Kisai (6)
  • Round 2: Alesia, Melonni, Norgu, Orion, Old Mac & Joe, Vekk, Xandra (7)
  • Round 3: Cynn, Danika & Brutus & Sheena, Lukas, Panaku, Warmaster Tydus, Zho & Onyx (7)
  • Round 4: Eve, Headmaster Vhang, Kahmu, Koss, Morgahn, Razah (6)
  • Round 5: Argo, Devona, Gwen, Mhenlo, Nika, Talon Silverwing (6)
  • Round 6: Magni the Bison
I've never encountered the Ghostly Hero ... can anyone confirm that one? And maybe someone who is able to do tables could rearrange the main page according to the rounds. So instead of a column for "round" just make it: In round 1 you will encounter one of the following (best would be the actual name of the Quest in your Quest Log, to help someone who searches for it finding this page) => table; In round 2 you will encounter one of the following => table; etc.
I think it would be easier to look at than the long table we have now. Opinions?
Cynaes 11:55, 25 August 2007 (UTC)
Me against the ghostly :
And if you want to see opponents sorted by round, you just have to click on the grey arrow on the top of the column. No need to create multiple tables. Chriskang 15:28, 25 August 2007 (UTC)

Opponents by round[edit]

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5
RangerMesmer20 The Great Zehtuka
Mesmer20 Lo Sha
Elementalist20 Kisai
ParagonWarrior20 Sogolon
Warrior20 Old Mac and Ranger20 Joe
Elementalist20 Vekk
Ritualist20 Xandra
Warrior20 Lukas Vasburg
Ranger20 Warmaster Tydus
Ranger20 Zho and Unknown20 Onyx
Elementalist20 Headmaster Vhang
Ritualist20 Razah
Dervish20 Kahmu
Warrior20 Talon Silverwing
Monk20 Mhenlo
Mesmer20 Gwen
Assassin20 Nika

Observed opponent orders[edit]

  • Zehtuka, Xandra, Lukas, Razah, ?
  • Sogolon, Vekk, Tydus, ?, ?
  • Lo Sha, ?, ?, Kahmu, Mhenlo, magni
  • Kisai, ?, ?, Vhang, Talon, magni
  • Lo Sha, Xandra, Panaku, Kahmu, ?
  • Little Thom, Melonni, Warmaster Titus, Razah, Talon Silverwing, Magni the Bison
  • Little Thom, Old Mac & Joe, Cynn, Kahmu, ?
  • The Great Zehtuka, Orion, Danika, Brutus and Sheena, Razah, Argo
  • zehtuka, orion, Danika sheena and brutus, razah, argo, wacsi
  • sogolon, norgu, zho and onyx, koss, devona, magni
  • Lo Sha,Xandra,Lukas,Koss,Mhenlo
  • Little Thom,Vekk,Zho(Onyx),Morgahn,Argo
  • Sogolon,Alesia,Panaku,Razah,Gwen
  • Little Thom,Vekk,Cynn,Koss,Argo
  • Little Thom, Xandra, Zho, Kahmu, Mhenlo, Magni
  • Sogolon,Vekk,Cynn,??

Skill bars[edit]

  • Warrior20 Lukas Vasburg - Auspicious Parry, Healing Signet
  • WarriorMonk6 - 24 Magni the Bison - bear form, irresistable blow, purge signet, counter blow
  • Warrior20 Talon Silverwing - healing signet, enraging charge, dragon slash
  • Warrior20 Old Mac - Counterattack
    • Ranger20 Joe - Power Shot
  • Warrior20 Little Thom - GoLE, Breath of Fire, Firestorm, Hamstring, Healing Signet
  • RangerMesmer20 The Great Zehtuka - smoke trap, fragility, barbed trap, healing spring, whirling defense
  • Ranger20 Warmaster Tydus - apply poison, screamisg shot, troll unguent
  • Ranger20 Zho 20 - disrupting lunge, counter blow
    • Unknown20 Onyx (pet)
  • Monk20 Mhenlo (round 5) - blessed signet, balthazar's spirit, shield of judgment, healing breeze, symbol of wrath, appears to be a 55
  • Monk20 Mhenlo (round ?) - ?
  • Mesmer20 Lo Sha - mantra of persistence, images of remorse, conjure phantasm, recurring insecurity, ether feast
  • Elementalist20 Kisai - lightning bolt, glimmering mark
  • Elementalist20 Headmaster Vhang - air attunement, mind shock, mystic regeneration
  • Elementalist20 Vekk - Shatterstone, Blurred Vision
  • Ritualist20 Razah - wanderlust, anguish, bloodsong, pain, shadowsong, doom, boon of creation
  • Ritualist20 Xandra - vengeful weapon
  • ParagonWarrior20 Sogolon - "Shields Up!", Mending Refrain
  • Dervish20 Kahmu - avatar of blathazar, herat of fury

Little Thom the hamstormer![edit]

GoLE, Breath of Fire, Fire Storm, Hamstring. Hilarity. --Heelz 12:41, 24 August 2007 (UTC)

Which round was it? Chriskang 13:17, 24 August 2007 (UTC)
First. --Heelz 18:30, 24 August 2007 (UTC)
This happened to me too. Very strange. 21:58, 27 November 2009 (UTC)


Apparently there's two versions of Mhenlo. The 55 Mhenlo I fought in round 5 was on his own. -- Gordon Ecker 14:05, 24 August 2007 (UTC)

This is probably a mistake by whoever made the table. It is Danika who is with Brutus and Sheena, not Mhenlo. Unfortunately I don't know how to edit those crazy tables. Besides, adding a round-table is clearly useless, as your opponents are chosen randomly. Cynaes 17:21, 24 August 2007 (UTC)
Each round appears to have its own list. -- Gordon Ecker 19:34, 24 August 2007 (UTC)
Looks like there is a pool of 6 for each round. Backsword 20:01, 24 August 2007 (UTC)

Mhenlo's skills are not correctly listed. He DOES use Mending. I have never seen him use Breeze, but he might not have needed it... (can't remember my user id)

Do Deaths Count?[edit]

I'm here with my survivor, he's rank 3, but I still don't want him to die so I can't test it. Do deaths count towards the Death Count here? 13:45, 24 August 2007 (UTC)

I have just tested for you, and yes, deaths in the Norn Fighting Tournament do count. (I had to lose from Little Thom to get this info, it was hard not to kick his butt :D )Alovich 17:41, 24 August 2007 (UTC)

Palawa Joko instead of the bear boss...[edit]

I have fought Palawa Joko as the sixth fight once, and he had 2 minions of Joko with him. just defeating one of his minions completed the quest for me. Has anyone else fought him? Nicky Silverstar 20:37, 24 August 2007 (UTC)

Can anyone confirm this? I've beaten M. Bison but I still only get him in the sixth round. Backsword 14:30, 25 August 2007 (UTC)
Yes. There are some very rare encounters in the Tournament, but I'll not spoil all of them. John Stumme 22:15, 25 August 2007 (UTC)
Can confirm this too. Had him as last fight.. and only had to beat one minion to win 01:15, 27 August 2007 (UTC)

Yeah I saw the same thing. I didn't see any of the other "rare encounters" for the final boss, maybe John was reffering to rare encounters throughout the rest of the tournament, but Palawa Jokko was the end boss instead of M. Bison. EDIT: I moved Jokko's entry to round sxe with Magni because I have only heard of him spawning in round 6.Dancing Gnome 15:29, 29 August 2007 (UTC)
There is no such thing as hiding spoilers in the wiki's, we have spoiler tags for that. BlazeRick 21:15, 12 September 2007 (UTC)

The opponent order leading me to Palawa Joko was: Lo Sha, Orion, Tydus, Eve, Argo.
And killing just one Minion didn't defeat him. Pudding 14:48, 16 May 2009 (UTC)


Devona currently has three professions :/ Warrior, assassin and necro skills - anja talk 13:16, 26 August 2007 (UTC)

Not-uh! I am looking at her species and she only has Warrior and Assassin skills. Screenshot it or it didn't happen! ;) - User Linsey Murdock sig.jpgLinsey talk 00:05, 5 September 2007 (UTC)

Healing Spectator[edit]

I was trying to kill Mhenlo last night when I noticed a random +100 healing. After looking around I noticed this: Healingritspectator.jpg
o_o; Doll 01:05, 27 August 2007 (UTC)

Yes, I have a few ss's of this. I think it's to make up for providing Mhenlo with a free permanent Protective Spirit. Backsword 13:40, 28 August 2007 (UTC)
User:Linsey Murdock said it was a bug that they'll fix soon. Go to Aiiane's Talk page (Aiiane - talk - contribs) 21:57, 31 August 2007 (UTC)
I really hope so. This whole thing is complete BS. why would they put healing spectators in at all? All I'm trying to do is get zho so i can get that journal, but it seems like every time the first or second guy just won't freaking die b/c somebody in the audience heals them like crazy. Avatarian86 07:17, 1 September 2007 (UTC)
This often happened to me in the first round. But you (or your opponent) get 180 healing then. They seem to always cast the spell on the closest creature. --numma_cway 11:10, 1 September 2007 (UTC)
Just spotted a Dwarf Spectator with Heal Other He was healing both of us tho.(made the battle a complete standoff.) ~ Zero rogue x 23:40, 1 September 2007 (UTC)
Scourge Healing would be hilarious here. you might be able to kill the spectator... Avatarian86 05:49, 3 September 2007 (UTC)
And then Necrotic Traversal to their corpse... --- Warrior Raptors, that would be interesting. I'm gonna try that at some point. (didn't log in) Avatarian86

Actually, now that I think about it, it wouldn't work. Scourge Healing can't be put on an ally, and the Healing Spectator is an ally. --- Warrior Raptors

I really hope this problem gets fixed. A frustrating game is not a fun game -- which ArenaNet seems to understand, considering that mission-critical NPCs now magically spring back to life, there are res shrines in the dungeons, etc. But every time I come across these healing spectators, it's a restart and 100 gold down the drain, because I'll either lose or get into an impossible standoff. When you're just trying to do something like unlock a hero, it's very frustrating. Bcstingg 21:31, 4 September 2007 (UTC)

I have fixed this and it will go into the next Live build. Sorry about this one guys! - User Linsey Murdock sig.jpgLinsey talk 23:28, 4 September 2007 (UTC)

Here's another one: (this was while fighting Alesia) Healing spectator heal other.jpg sry that it's german again, but i think you can identify the icon. And if i didn't look wrong, just this person said something like "can i have an autograph?". pah, betrayer! unfair partial meddling betrayer... Zerpha The Improver 01:07, 5 September 2007 (UTC)

Thank you Ms. Murdock! *sob* Thank you!! Avatarian86 03:34, 5 September 2007 (UTC)


Where do we list them? Here, or in the opponents article? There is at least one for the begining of the match, and exactly one for winning and losing.

Then there are the sepctators, who have some generic lines directed at the player, and some specific for certain foes. (Mhenlo is certainly liked...)

Backsword 13:43, 28 August 2007 (UTC)

For now, you should put them with the other ones, here. But I agree with you, those articles need to be reworked. Chriskang 13:49, 28 August 2007 (UTC)
As far as the quotes go, I'm hoping to see an epic Trivia section added in. I wrote over a hundred fighting game references, so I'm really curious to see how many people end up getting. John Stumme 21:56, 31 August 2007 (UTC)
I'll add what I have in the discussion page, where chriskang suggested. There's some really clever things that are said :D(Terra Xin 00:04, 12 September 2007 (UTC))

I'm still missing a few fighters, but the list is here if anyone wants to read it. (Terra Xin 05:27, 3 October 2007 (UTC))

Zehtuka's Horn[edit]

I don't know if this is directly related to this, but I found a horn in Crystal Overlook I think, at some wierd ruin in the middle of the desert that said Zehtuka's Horn, a quest item.

I'm fairly new to the arena, but when I fought Zehtuka, after beating him he said, and I can copy this from my log, "You only managed to beat me because of the great horn you carry, which you clearly must have know was mine! Let me take that off your hands so that our next match may be more fair. Here, take this other one as a reward for returning it to me."

It has the same stats as the bison cup I believe, or something real close, I haven't looked at them side by side. If anyone can tell me how to post snapshots from the game online I will put them here, this seems to be one of possibly more rare items that are gained by winning battles in the cup. Please help me verify this.--BahamutKaiser 04:38, 1 September 2007 (UTC)

Zehtuka's Horn - Tanetris 00:02, 2 September 2007 (UTC)
oops, overlooked this part of the talk >.<. Actually, the diffrence is that one is green and the other gold, and the skins aren't the same. The cup isn't costumized. The horn is (for some reason). The only diffrence in the stats are actually the Inherent/Inscription Slots. The cup gives +5Armor^50, the Horn has -5/20. Zerpha The Improver 01:14, 5 September 2007 (UTC)

moved to Talk:Guide to the Norn Fighting Tournament

moved to Talk:Guide to the Norn Fighting Tournament

The Greath Zehtuka - Special dialogue[edit]

Great Zehtuka Fighting Tournament Horn.jpg Now also his horn is "usable" for something! I defeated him with 3 horns and a jug im my inventory, and he told this to me and stole me one of my three horns. i didn't have a bow or a bag, maybe sb want to try how he reacts if you have all, or what happens if you lose against him with his items. (sry, the picutre is only german, wasn't fast enough to click CTRL right...) —ZerphatalkThe Improver 20:51, 3 September 2007 (UTC)

Ok i just noticed sb find this already out before me. He gave me this. Nice thing, dude! :)...well maybe i can sell these horns for some more cash, or take to more greens :D —ZerphatalkThe Improver 20:57, 3 September 2007 (UTC)
I've tried with all 4 items (bag, horn, jug, and bow) in inventory, and apparently it's only the horn that has any purpose here...fair enough considering that it is the only item which has no other known purpose. Gwynna Vive 21:23, 9 September 2007 (UTC)
ok, think you're right :] would have been cool however... —ZerphatalkThe Improver 14:57, 11 November 2007 (UTC)


Is Devonas skills right? I don't know if this is a recent change, but I've fought here to a stand still several times since EotN has been realeased, and I know she was using counterstrike and counter blow, I don't remember ever seeing protectors strike, and isn't that a sword blow? Anyhow, I think the rest of the skills are right, but after fighting her for at least 5 minutes on 3 occassions I'm pretty sure.--BahamutKaiser 16:42, 6 September 2007 (UTC)


Norgu's aggro seems to be different than the other opponents. Instead of waiting for me to step into the arena, he starts charging at me as soon as he turns hostile and more often than not... I haven't had the chance to finish casting my enchants :3 Doll 18:04, 8 September 2007 (UTC)

I was fighting norgu with my elementist, and he charges to the middle, but than just stands there even if I retreat. This worked out well since I just stepped back and waited for backfire to wear out, than blew him away.--BahamutKaiser 06:26, 14 October 2007 (UTC)
That also happened to me twice before. I hope it's a glitch and will be fixed, because it's annoying. --Sparkthunder 19:47, 12 November 2007 (UTC)

Timer/Damage Count "Victory"?[edit]

I have tried this tournament with Elementalists (SF spamming) and can manage everyone except Norgu and Magni the Bison (gotta find a way to dump Backfire for Norgu, and Bison 2 hits me everytime, even with full armor and no Superior Fire).

It appears that Mhenlo will stay put doing his 55 bit for the whole fight, which of course means I run out of energy. After a while, by maintaining some restraint, constantly wanding him, and keeping Aura of Restoration up, I eventually "win" although Mhenlo is never damaged enough to constitute a takes a very long time. I am wondering if there's a damage counter or something that hands over a win once you've dealt a given amount of damage, or a clock that grants a win after you've lasted a giveen amount of time? If there's something to this, Magni may be defeatable by simply managing to avoid getting hit.

Also, A couple times I've had a "Standoff" with Cynn, where we have both been killed (Cynn is saved, as if under Divine Intervention)...the "You Were Not Worthy" pops up, but the tournament continues on as if I had won. Gwynna Vive 21:50, 9 September 2007 (UTC)

The stadoff thing is definitely a bug and should be reported to someone, I'll put a message on Emilys talk page. -- Gem (gem / talk) 22:29, 9 September 2007 (UTC)
Did more "testing" with this "bug" and it seems that the win is happening before the death. Cynn in particular has Star Bursted me after the win, but was casting when I "killed" her. Conditions such as poison from Warmaster Tydus, Bleeding from Zehtuka (which I've not seen yet because he gets iterrupted before he can finish the trap), Burning from Orion, Cynn (possibly?), Lttle Thom, and of course Zehtuka, (which again I've never seen because of interruption), Hexes (Eve and Lo Sha), and Hex triggers (Norgu and Gwen) cause the death after the win. Not sure how I end up burning from Little Thom (and maybe Cynn who keeps me very, very "occupied" as we are both very nasty with the high damage spells and I have to be fast to avoid PBAoE)...I have definitely have had MoR on me more than once during matches with Little Thom, but never actually saw him cast it (and this is a very expensive skill for a warrior, so he telegraphs with GoLE and I get mobile in a hurry, so I have not been able to catch a screenie of it yet). I will keep trying...gimmie a break, I'm old and my reflexes are not as fast as they once were :P
Of particular interest, I have never met Old Mac/Joe or Vekk in the many hundreds of tries in here. I still haven't bested Bison yet, because my "tester" is going for the skill hunter title (I'm still short 6 skill points...4 million XP inside of two months = carpal tunnel syndrome) but I'll try the Ritualist build once I've got my title and bought the seven non elite skills for the build...then I'll stomp him good! (I!) Gwynna Vive 12:57, 13 September 2007 (UTC)
P.S. There's obviously many more DoT givers than I listed...the warriors, paragons, dervishes, etc... They just escaped my observation because I kill them too fast to get bled by, it wasn't my memory lapses! Honest! :) Gwynna Vive 14:10, 13 September 2007 (UTC)

moved to Talk:Guide to the Norn Fighting Tournament


i got her in round 1 - Y0_ich_halt Have a look at my page 17:10, 15 November 2007 (UTC)


has she been changed (black lotus nerf)? can someone please check that? - Y0_ich_halt Have a look at my page 17:45, 16 November 2007 (UTC)

np, checked it myself and updated article. - Y0_ich_halt Have a look at my page 17:52, 16 November 2007 (UTC)


Ok, I've found from multiple sites that Ursan Blessing will work all the way up to Magni on a warrior. I tested this a few times and it seems accurate. If anyone could tell me other skills to bring with Ursan Blessing so that when i get to Magni I can beat him that would be much appreciated. --The preceding unsigned comment was added by User:Ryguy9eXtreme .

Most tips are on Talk:Guide to the Norn Fighting Tournament. Backsword 02:44, 23 November 2007 (UTC)

You move like a dwarf is very good for Magni as he turns and walks the other way letting you regen for a while. I was a Ele/monk and did smiting, had Retrbution, Bane Signet, Signet of Judgment, Reversal of Damage, Great Dwarf Armor, Castigation signet, Feel no Pain, and Move like a dwarf. It took a while to defeat Magni, but he never came close to killing me. --The preceding unsigned comment was added by User: (talk).

Palawa Joko[edit]

I just got Joko in the last round of the tournament- I lost because I didn't know you can just kill a minion to win... >.<

The good news is that I've got more info about his skills and a new quote: Picture I've edited this into the page best I can but someone should probably look over it and check I've done it right (Also add Final Thrust to his pets, I don't know how to do that.), this is my first time editing the wiki. -Morrisstarr

thanks for the info :) - Y0_ich_halt Have a look at my page 21:11, 2 January 2008 (UTC)

Added Skills[edit]

Hey, I am somewhat new to this, but was in the Norn Tourney, and came across Eve using Price of Failure, and (I think) Koss using the Shock->Eviscerate->Executioner's Strike spike. If anyone can confirm on Koss that would be much appreciated.


Could we moove the dialogues of each opponent to their owns pages ? because this one is quite tall. lussh 16:59, 17 March 2008 (UTC)

Move it to a subpage then. Having it all on one page seems better than splitting them up. Also, some hero/henchmen pages already have a lot of dialogue already, so no point lengthening them. -- User Sig.png 08:46, 19 March 2008 (UTC)
Aye. I just added some skills to Devona. Making that article longer... Backsword 08:49, 19 March 2008 (UTC)

This is such a great thing...[edit]

I love how they brought back characters like Old Mac with the tournament. The campaigns - especially Prophecies - were littered with people that just made me smile. It's fun to see them again! KrelusDerian 04:26, 3 June 2008 (UTC)


What is a good build for Paragons in this? I did the tournament easily with my nuker ele, but with my Paragon I've done this 20+ times and lost every time. I can usually get to Magni but I never beat him. --The preceding unsigned comment was added by User: (talk).

Barbed Spear, Maiming Spear and "You Move Like a Dwarf!" can be used to keep him crippled and slowly wear him down. Ursan Blessing works with any profession once you get it. -- Gordon Ecker 00:58, 21 June 2008 (UTC)
see Talk:Guide to the Norn Fighting Tournament - Y0_ich_halt User Y0 ich halt sig.jpg 19:03, 21 June 2008 (UTC)

Ebon Vanguard Sniper Support[edit]

With the new buffed Sniper Support, I found this skill obscenely useful with a high enough rank. When it gets the 10% chance, it instantly defeats your opponent, regardless of how much self heals or protection they have, as most characters do not have in excess of 700+ hit points. --The preceding unsigned comment was added by User: (talk).

rofl, this is great. Does it work on Bison if you catch him out of bear form? What if you catch him in bear form? -- Alaris_sig Alaris 16:01, 21 August 2008 (UTC)
Kite around, when it wears out, wand him. -- NUKLEAR User NuclearVII signature 3.jpg IIV 17:08, 21 August 2008 (UTC)
unfortunately, being a 55 monk, this doesn't work on mehnlo! --Revelation 06:09, 30 September 2008 (UTC)
You guys know that Ebon Vanguard Sniper Support isnt armour ignoring damage right? Against a simple lvl22 boss it takes two hits to kill (with bleeding, if it is removed they live with like 2hp) To kill in 1 hit, you need like r10, and even then, with a 10% chance, thats pretty gg if it fails.


no rewards are mentioned i had to open to see Zomby 11:04, 11 October 2008 (UTC)

Because the rewards are actually quest rewards, so we have them at Round 1: Fight! and Final Round, Championship Edition: Fight!. -- User Sig.png 12:05, 14 October 2008 (UTC)

Norn Fighting Tournoment[edit]

moved from Guild Wars Wiki:Reporting wiki bugs

Has anyone else noticed that Mhenlo is a 55 however doesn't ever cast prot spirit? and if the battle goes on for long enough that he starts to not cast healing breeze? i know this is really a quest no one does anymore but i do somtimes. So am i just stupid and missing somthing? --The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk).

It is on this page, yea. And definately not a bug in the wiki software :P WhyUser talk:Why Are We Fighting 18:21, 19 December 2008 (UTC)

Sorry i did not notice that there was already a discussion about this until i posted this my bad. --The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk).

No problem :) WhyUser talk:Why Are We Fighting 18:59, 19 December 2008 (UTC)

Zho doesn't appear?[edit]

I've been doing this tournament over and over and I haven't seen Zho yet when I have seen every other opponent at least twice. She (along with Palawa Joko) is pretty much the only one I haven't seen. Is there something that stops her appearing? —Cake! Ebañy Salmonderiel 20:27, 10 May 2009 (UTC)

It's completely randomTalk page Drogo Boffin 20:44, 10 May 2009 (UTC)
Ok, I was worried it was something to do with me having a black moa as a pet... —Cake! Ebañy Salmonderiel 16:53, 11 May 2009 (UTC)

This thing[edit]


I'm surprised you even got to Gunnar's Hold in the first place if you're that bad at the game. Vili 点 User talk:Vili 07:38, 28 May 2009 (UTC)
Nice to see you can spell all but one word correctly, however you need more word variety, and far fewer exclamation marks. (try puncuation in the body of the text) Also try not to use all capital letters. a huge 7 out of 10, and well done. 6th grade next year? – josəph 23:42, 28 May 2009 (UTC)
I agree. I've used every recommended spec in every recommended way on my war and can't beat it without being an I WIN rit. I want my shitty PvE reward skills, Anet. Ifm2181 00:32, 8 December 2010 (UTC)
So I heard palm strike was crazy hard to run. --BriarUser Briar Sig 3.jpgThe Spider 00:39, 8 December 2010 (UTC)
The easiest way for me to get something done is to tell people I can't get it done. A couple more tries, and I finally managed to get my KDs to KD him. Ifm2181 00:56, 8 December 2010 (UTC)

Tidy up idea[edit]

I know the list of opponents is in alapbetical order but I think it would look better if we but it in order of level appearances. What you think? Dante Broekhart 19:32, 5 June 2009 (UTC)

I know it's a bit late, but if you click on that little gray icon in the column headers, it'll sort the rows. A lot of our tables have that sortable feature. -- User Sig.png 16:32, 27 August 2009 (UTC)


devona has crushing blow. --The preceding unsigned comment was added by User: (talk).

Old Mac and Joe[edit]

It's not Old Mac who applies dazed but Joe with broad head arrow, i tried to edit the mistake but it has been undone. Here's the current statement: "Old Mac applies dazed and Joe can end stances." The two names should be swaped in order to be correct. Thank you. --The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk).

Fixed, thanks. -- FreedomBoundUser Freedom Bound Sig.png 17:55, 2 November 2009 (UTC)

quotes by no one?[edit]

After I defeated Zho in the 3rd round ( i think) this quote popped up in green (no one said it) "I am a stone. I do not move. I do not tremble. I have no fear." any one know what its about? A Flaming Heart 22:45, 15 January 2010 (UTC)

Sounds like you used Ebon Vanguard Sniper Support and got the bonus damage. -- FreedomBoundUser Freedom Bound Sig.png 00:46, 16 January 2010 (UTC)
Oh that explains it :D I wondered why she died so fast.... A Flaming Heart 11:42, 20 January 2010 (UTC)

Tips on how to win[edit]

Moved to Talk:Guide to the Norn Fighting Tournament

--DrAcX 03:36, 10 March 2010 (UTC)

Random my ass[edit]

Apparently the first opponent is randomly chosen from a pool of 6. I had the great Zetukas horn in my backpack and did the first round 16 times. I had all of the other 5 3 or 4 times, but not the great Zehtuka. Random my ass!!!!--Stu 18:54, 11 July 2010 (UTC)

I've done it 10times and fought 6 Zehtuka, so yeah... Random =) 15:49, 15 July 2010 (UTC)
Sorry Stu, but your story happens to approx. 1/18 people. Scaling up to the number of people in GW: You're not alone. G R E E N E R 16:04, 15 July 2010 (UTC)

Xandra unlock/ Kahmu unlock (fast unlock)[edit]

I read this somewhere/ can't remember where now, but if you just want to unlock Xandra she shows up in round 2, or start over. If trying to simply unlock Kahmu he shows in round 4 or start over.

The main page talk page also helps verify this by sorting which characters appear in which rounds/ click on sort button.

cecil 11:38, 31 July 2010 (UTC)

The great spirit debate[edit]

Let's see if we can agree upon a phrasing that satisfies Truth (oh, and also us contributors here). I think these are the salient points we are trying to cover:

  1. Rit and Ranger spirits can be moved by two skills: Summon Spirits and Draw Spirit (the skills don't particularly care who created them). (I just tested to make sure this hadn't changed → it hasn't.)
    • This won't work after the door closes.
  2. Line of Sight always works in two directions: if you have it, you can conduct ranged projectile attacks and are subject to same (the LOS article covers this, so no need to spell it out in details).
  3. Spells work if there's an LOS (they also work often if there isn't an LOS, but that isn't relevant here).
  4. If the spirits get locked in the entry room, they have no LOS; this is great for passive spirits (they can't be attacked) but a problem for active spirits (they can't do much).
  5. If spirits get moved, they are good to go, regardless of other considerations.
  6. If the spirits are initially placed in the doorway and/or placed in the doorway just after it opens... then they get LOS (and above details apply).

Personally, if you are bringing passive spirits, you might as well leave them in the locked room. If you are bringing active spirits (i.e. killer rit spirits), then it's hard to imagine why you wouldn't bring Summon Spirits so that you can set them up before risking aggro. However, that level of detail is probably best left as an exercise for the reader.

Once we can agree on the facts, we can work out a reasonable phrasing that covers it all. — Tennessee Ernie Ford (TEF) 18:43, 12 August 2011 (UTC)

Agree on all points, but there's a third skill: Swap. It'll also work on all spirits. I haven't checked whether that can be used to "hide" in the starting room - since you need to aggro the enemy first, there's likely not enough time.
Also, there's always Guide to the Norn Fighting Tournament, and IMHO these kinds of information should go there. Unless of course we choose to merge both articles - given the brevity of the guide, that's certainly an option, though I'm not sure which one is preferable. Tub 22:28, 12 August 2011 (UTC)

Is there a trick to get Zho to spawn in round 3? I've just done it 120 times and Zho just will not appear.

Hero Acquisition[edit]

I am particularly interested in acquiring the two heroes, Xandra and Kahmu. Approximately how long does it take playing this minigame to get them and are there any strategies to speed up the process? -- 21:59, 31 March 2012 (UTC)Recon Legend

1) its random; average time per 6-round match is 5 minutes your very good/lucky . 2) Read the following articles: The Norn Fighting Tournament; Guide to the Norn Fighting Tournament; Guide to defeating Magni the Bison; Norn Tournament Spirit Farmer -- 22:15, 31 March 2012 (UTC)