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Who I am: +

My name is John Stumme (stuh-me), and I am currently the Lead Designer of the Guild Wars Live Team. I have been with ArenaNet since 2005, and have previously held the title of "Quietest Designer" (oh, if only they knew what was to come...) My desk remains one of the high points of this building, because it is one of the only places where you can see a Gundam gleefully riding on Godzilla, or Haruhi commanding a Dalek. How many people can say the same?

I am happily engaged married to the cutest girl that I have ever known. Together we have two cats, which are sometimes incredibly annoying (but make for incredibly reliable alarm clocks.) I am very much a geek, but I try to maintain a well-rounded lifestyle, with anime, music, gaming, drawing, and the great outdoors. Mountain hiking is an excellent way to fight off the atrophy that would otherwise come with a desk job, and I highly recommend it. Seeing a sunset from the top is an incredibly rewarding experience.

Game Design is pretty much what I've wanted to do ever since I was little - my first system was an Intellivision, and I was hooked. I programmed my first game when I was 11 using QBasic, a "Choose Your Own Adventure" style text game titled "The Haunted Mansion" (cut me some slack, I was a little kid!) I can still remember writing a ridiculously long draw string to illustrate the mansion, and then using CLS commands and redraws to animate it. Think of animating an Etch-A-Sketch where everything is a single line, and a change in any part of it affects everything that comes after. Yeah, it was a bad idea. I also didn't care, because it was something that I made, and that thrill of creation has remained with me ever since.

Now Playing:+

Watching:Rinne no Lagrange S2, Sword Art Online
Playing: .hack//Mutation, Pokemon Conquest

Random Thoughts:+

Coming up with Epic Rap Battles of Tyria has become a dalliance for when I have free time. (Har, free time.) Here's my latest completed one, Prince Rurik vs. Kilroy Stonekin.

Prince Rurik:
As a young boy, I spent much time in these lands...

Kilroy Stonekin:
I'm charging ahead, because I've got no time to waste!
I'm already at the finish line, and I'm laughing at your face
Or at least I would be…
If you hadn't lost your head.
You've been killed before,
And you can rest assured,
That my rhymes will knock you dead!

Prince Rurik:
Your rhymes, you say? Now that'd be a feat
Since every trick that you've ever learned, well, you got them all from me
I'm the original NPC that'll just run off,
I was training charr before you were even a thought
My legacy is everlasting,
You're just a fad that's passing.
You can't even hold a candle to my fame,
And no one will remember you,
No matter how many times you shout your name!

Kilroy Stonekin:
Your legacy? You're oblivious to the obvious, that ain't hard to see
You couldn't hope to match my moves if you couldn't outrun a tree
You brought your flaming sword, yeah, you swung it and you missed
Because now you're battling with a real man, and I solve things with MY FISTS!
You’re just a disappointment. You got knocked down ONCE and died
When I get knocked down, I get back up, and I brush it off in stride!
I've gotta shout my name, because DAMN it sounds so nice,
People gather from all around just to join ME in all my fights
So where are your people? Oh, that's right, you got disowned
You've got no prayer of winning, just like you've got no home!

Prince Rurik:
Those are pretty big words, from such a tiny, tiny man
But my raps are going to ruin you, worse than the charr ruined my homeland
You're pretty fond of running? Yeah, it's easy to see why
You're a running joke, run into the ground, from the day the laughter died
It's obvious that you've never stopped once to think a day in your whole life
If you had the prescience to do so, then you might realize you could NEVER win this fight
Lyrically you're waning while I'm waxing, and this is all about to end
There can be no doubt this was a vocal knockout, so farewell my mountain friend!

...who won?

Not So Random Thoughts:+

An Important Note About Linking Your Guild Wars Account

Your existing Guild Wars password is currently no longer than 15 characters, even if it appears that you can enter more characters in the password field. When linking your existing Guild Wars account to your new Guild Wars 2 account, be sure to type only the first 15 characters of your Guild Wars password. If after pre-purchasing Guild Wars 2 you decide to create a Guild Wars account and then link the two accounts, your Guild Wars password must be 15 characters or less.

Un message important à propos du fait de lier votre compte Guild Wars

Votre mot de passe actuel pour Guild Wars est aujourd'hui d'au plus 15 caractères, même s'il semble que vous puissiez taper plus de caractères dans le champ du mot de passe. Lorsque vous liez votre compte Guild Wars à votre compte Guild Wars 2, assurez-vous de ne taper que les 15 premiers caractères de votre mot de passe. Si après avoir préacheté Guild Wars 2 vous décidez de créer un compte Guild Wars et d'ensuite lier vos deux comptes, votre mot de passe Guild Wars doit avoir 15 caractères ou moins.

Wichtiger Hinweis zur Verbindung eurer Guild Wars Accounts

Euer existierendes Guild Wars Passwort ist momentan nicht länger als 15 Zeichen, auch wenn es so scheint, also ob ihr mehr Zeichen in das Passwortfeld eingeben könnt. Bitte stellt sicher, dass ihr nur die ersten 15 Zeichen eures Guild Wars Passworts eingebt, wenn ihr euren existierenden Guild Wars Account mit eurem neuen Guild Wars 2 Account verbindet. Wenn ihr euch, nachdem ihr Guild Wars 2 im Vorverkauf erstanden habt, dazu entschließt, einen Guild Wars Account zu erstellen, und ihr dann beide Accounts verbinden wollt, dann muss euer Guild Wars Passwort aus 15 Zeichen oder weniger bestehen.