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DrogoBoffin of Doooooom
Doom Dmg: 999-999 (Requires 1337 Sauce)
Wiki Mastery +1337 (100% chance while editing)
Decreases amount of Trolls by 66% (Stacking)
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Warning-Logo.png Warning: This user is all knowing and is NEVER wrong.

My Characters

Warrior Drogo Boffin
Monk Chozen Protectress
Elementalist I Maketh Tha Bbq
Assassin Breha Organa
Necromancer Daisy Boffin
Mesmer Trixie Dynomite
Dervish Shire Queen
Paragon Your Finest Fantasy
Ranger Etaia Calderon
Ranger Can U Smell Tha Bbq
Ritualist Aint My Babys Daddy
Ranger Chic With A Stick
Dervish Amazon Zafrina
Elementalist Firey Goddes
Monk I Giveth Life
Mesmer Mascara Singer
Necromancer Raven Skellington
Warrior Combat Queen
Mesmer Obi Wan Ur Homie
Warrior Lady Jedi Aayla
Monk I Heals Stupid Ppl
Elementalist Uric Bubblehead
Ritualist Red Plague Z
Elementalist Dimple Gamgee Took
Ranger Princess Etaia
Monk Redplague Z

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