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Cynaes Hyperios
Elementalist-icon.png Cynaes Hyperios
origin of name: self-invented/Greek
first name: random combination of letters
last name: inspired by Hyperboreans from Greek mythology
Shao Lien Ti
Monk-icon.png Shao Lien Ti
origin of name: self-invented/Vietnamese
first name: random combination of letters
last name: from Vietnamese; "lien" means "lotus flower"
Nyx Sidheann
Necromancer-icon.png Nyx Sidheann
origin of name: Greek/Irish
first name: name of a Greek goddess of night
last name: inspired by Sídhe from Irish mythology
Tychon Hyperboreos
Mesmer-icon.png Tychon Hyperboreos
origin of name: Greek
first name: Greek name meaning "hitting the mark"
last name: Greek for Hyperborean
Skah Qaletaqa
Ritualist-icon.png Skah Qaletaqa
origin of name: Native American Sioux/Hopi
first name: Sioux name meaning "white"
last name: Hopi name meaning "guardian of the people"
Lijuan Mingzhu
Ranger-icon.png Lijuan Mingzhu
origin of name: Chinese
first name: Chinese name meaning "beautiful and graceful"
last name: Chinese name meaning "bright pearl"
Mwenye Gebhuza
Dervish-icon.png Mwenye Gebhuza
origin of name: African Swahili/Zulu
first name: Swahili name meaning "lord, owner"
last name: Zulu name meaning "slashing/ thrusting warrior"
Abioye Tafari
Paragon-icon.png Abioye Tafari
origin of name: African Yoruba/Ethiopian
first name: Yoruba name meaning "born into royalty"
last name: Ethiopian name meaning "awe-inspiring"
Yuu Ryuu
Assassin-icon.png Yuu Ryuu
origin of name: Japanese
first name: Japanese name meaning "superior"
last name: Japanese name meaning "dragon"
Jalmari Joukahainen
Warrior-icon.png Jalmari Joukahainen
origin of name: Finnish
first name: Finnish name meaning "helmet-warrior"
last name: name from Finnish mythology meaning "great, large"

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