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Hello Community,

I am a GuildWars player, as well as a proactive writer on ideas to improve GW. I spend most of my time writing ideas for GW2, as the opportunity for GW2 is even brighter than GW1 before it.

I have little to offer in way of data on the game, since I am less interested in compiling data, and more interested in opportunities for improvement.

I will try to impart any information I've collected on GW2 from the article in PCGamer and official sites, as well as general knowledge, and hope to clarify any uncertainties about the sequel.

To read some of my many, many ideas on GW2, come visit my page on NikiWiki, and read some of the topics I have developed. BahamutKaiser@NikiWiki

I hope some of you will join us in speculating and conceiving ideas for GW2, thanks for the service.