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Obligatory B*tchfest[edit]

I guess since everyone else has one, I just wouldn't be cool if I didn't spend some time whining about what's wrong with the game. So, here goes.

My suggestions to fix certain broken aspects of Guild Wars:

1.) Searing Flames. It needs to be turned into something that packs a HUGE wallop but becomes less effective when multiple people use it. Turn it into Rodgort's Invocation on crack. HUGE amount of nearby fire damage and something like a six second burn. However, it only does about 40 damage if the target is already on fire. As far as I know, this idea was originally lilondra's. Credit where it's due.

2.) The Powerstone of Courage needs to be removed. Replace it with a big-ass one-shot bomb that does 350 damage to everything in the area, sets enemies on fire and deepwounds them. That would be cool. Removing any and all death penalty for the entire group is just a bad idea to have in a game, even for the huge cost.

3.) Shoveway is annoying. I haven't the first idea on how to fix it, though, because the skills involved aren't really broken.

4.) Escape needs to END when you attack an enemy or use a skill. Compensate for this by making it maintainable. It'd be the Ranger version of Charging Strike except instead of a damage bonus it gives you a nice, handy block.

5.) Scythes are broken. The damage range needs to be narrowed a bit. Without criticals it's perfectly balanced. However, since criticals do (Max Dmg) X 1.4 (or something like that), then the 41 max damage becomes broken. That said, until they fix it I will greatly enjoy autoattacking for 80-100 damage on my A/D.

6.) Expertise should only affect Ranger skills.

7.) The mobs in the Tarnished Coast need a minor overhaul. I'd like to fight balanced groups down there and not six crit-defense sins. Oh, and I just downright hate Ceratadons. Those are a fun challenge, though. It'd be cool to fight groups comprised of one raptor, two Ferothraxes, an Angorodon or two and a Ceratadon.

8.) Something needs to be done about multi-paragon invincible teams. I'm thinking if you get hit by more than three shouts inside of five seconds, you get hit with an unremovable condition called "Ringing Ears," and you cannot be the target of a shout for ten seconds. This would effectively kill multi-paragon teams, along with adding some skill and discretion to shout application in order to avoid the effect. Some number fiddling is in order there, but you get the idea.

9.) Wounding Strike needs a stack swap.

These ideas are cobbled together from either general sentiments or other skill-balance lists which I thought were good. For those who disagree, I gleefully await the flames.

Also, if anyone has any tips to make my page suck less, I'm open for suggestions. I'm not very fluent in wiki-ese.