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I am all done being part of the community here. The e-mail address linked to this account will no longer accept emails from the wiki, and I will not be returning until several issues are corrected...and I don't see that as being a possibility.

Self-important people bent on making edits under the pretence of "minor edits" so that they can slip under the radar and treat the wiki as their own personal property have no business here. A minor edit is rewording a sentence, correcting grammar/spelling, or adding format tags...not adding new pages, removing all of a section, tagging items for deletion, or severely altering anything else that any user has contributed more than five minutes of their own time adding. Too many of these are the same individuals that summarily delete anything contrary to their own agendas, belittle and attack those users who dare violate those agendas, and have clear definable histories which have lead to censure on repeated occasions. Those who will argue at the first available opportunity, and absolutely must have the last say. Those who waste everyone else's time to the point that we simply don't bother interacting or contributing.

People who get banned from GW2W only to continue their offences here (and vice versa if applicable) is intolerable. On here, many of us stepped up to fill the void as users migrated to GW2W...including all of the element that use wiki as a forum, edit stuff simply to see their own name, ignore any rule/take any measure they can to further their own agenda, and typically treat the rest of their peers as if they are inferior... Those people are (or will be) removed from GW2W for their various offenses, and we do not need to guess where they go to continue their disruptive behavior...

I am currently seeing GW2 players returning to GW1 in droves, guilds reforming, population increasing and so many reports (from dozens of sources in other games) of the exact opposite happening in GW2. The wiki has changed since they left, and so much of GW2 content has been forced upon us as these players return. Old rivalries rekindle, and returning users assume they can just walk in and take up where they left off...shoving the rest of us out like we never mattered anyhow. I reiterate (for the umteenth time) I have no political aspirations or agenda here. I can however, see the smoke looming on the horizon, and I can find about six hundred and fifty billion things I'd rather do than waste my time dealing with the lowlife's that GW2W boots our way, or the many unfortunate souls disillusioned by GW2 that grudgingly come back here. I see a major conflict coming, that I want no part of, between lowlife's that are now being dumped here, a steady influx of returning users who want what they left behind, and those of us that busted our asses to learn how to hold the whole mess together in the wake of a sudden emmigration...and the victor will control the ruins...yay! That's a reward I have no desire for, and a lot of effort I simply would rather not make.

Good luck my friends!