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I'm trying to participate a bit in GW wiki as a small contributor, and I notice things from time to time that I don't know how to find in GW wiki, or the game manuals.

I know I am not alone, having spent several platinum (a lot of money to a new player) on how runes work on armor pieces.

I edited a page, and it was deleted (I probably edited a "set" page- that shouldn't have been added to- or edited. This was o.k. except that I cannot find a page using the search box on how the armor works and how runes effect armor pieces that satisfied my questions.

I read through a few of the armor optimization and enhancement wiki pages, and it was so well written that someone that is more simple minded (myself) had trouble understanding how the mechanics of some of the armor enhancements work! I can't apologize for my I.Q. but I did have some questions, and I'm going to start my user page with this subject having had a horrible time of learning the hard way.

Does non-stacking mean: placing this same (non stacking) rune on another piece of armor has no cumulative effect? Seems simple enough: the term "non-stacking," but I couldn't find an answer to that in my manual or wiki search. I wish the armor pages had a highlighted or bold print edited statement that in a short sentance or paragraph spelled these issues out for me and other players that have made my same mistakes.

Through trial and error (and through several thousand gold pieces) i learned that you can place unspecific runes in armor slots, but these do not remove the core skills enhanancements. I learned that placing plus one soul reaping in chest, legs and feet, does not provide you with plus 3 soul reaping! After discovering non-class specific skills (non-charcter specific skills) I tried to fix my mistake where I put the plus one soul reaping in legs and feet by placing "non-class specific runes" in the legs and feet locations. They did not not remove the plus one soul reaping skills!

As I adventured and quested throughout the nightfall area, I eventually came across a rune in the game which when placed in an armor slot, it removed a core skill (It removed my plus one soul reaping core skill from my legs slot!) I finally had found a rune that allowed me to "fix" my original mistake! I found a second one of these unusual runes, and used that to place in my feet armor slot. Now I had the plus one soul reaping on my chest piece, and two new runes (and their armor enhancing modifications) working to help my character- and not just wasting slot space with worthless plus one soul reaping to legs and plus one soul reaping to feet!

As a purist, I did not want my main character or my heroes to be "dual" profession characters. My necromancer is a necromancer only. Koss is a warrior, not a warrior/mesmer.

I don't know if people read these pages, but I wish I could find a place to express some of these ideas and some of the pitfalls and mistakes that new players can make. GW wiki may have an area for that, I do not know- i haven't found it. I think a page of simple (remember some of us are not English majors or have your higher IQ's) easy to read guidelines for beginning players that the manuals do NOT cover would be a godsend. Maybe this page does exist- if it does and someone reads this page, I'd love to get a response :)

I really love the community and am happy to be a small contributor and participant, as my knowledge of the game is limited, interaction with you highly advanced players and wiki administrators and major contributors is something I truly look forwrd to. Even if you aren't a compendium of guild war knowledge feel free to write me, I'd love to chat about game related issues and non game chit-chat if you would like :)