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A Deadly Combination
Strike with a Hamstring attack to cripple your fleeing opponent, then rain fire down upon him as he slowly limps away.

Guild Wars Prophecies box

Hamstorm is a Warrior/Elementalist build that combines the Swordsmanship attack skill Hamstring and Fire Magic spell Fire Storm. The build was featured on one of the inside flaps of the Guild Wars Prophecies box, where it was given as an example of "A Deadly Combination". The player base unanimously disagrees:

  • Warriors have barely enough maximum energy to use the skill combination in the first place. It costs 20 energy for Hamstring and Fire Storm combined.
  • An opponent can remove the condition, and leave the area of effect of Fire Storm before the spell does a decent amount of damage.
  • Even if they don't remove it, they can just walk out of the Fire Storm taking minimal damage.
  • The attributes of this build would be spread far too thin to even reach their potential as the skills span 6 attributes.

The build is now well regarded as a joke build.

The skills are:

"I Will Avenge You!".jpg
"I Will Avenge You!"
Galrath Slash.jpg
Galrath Slash
Defensive Stance.jpg
Defensive Stance
Chain Lightning.jpg
Chain Lightning
Fire Storm.jpg
Fire Storm
Ice Spikes.jpg
Ice Spikes

Little Thom uses an expanded version of Hamstorm in The Norn Fighting Tournament. The easiest way to avoid damage from him is, obviously, to move out of the way of Fire Storm and Breath of Fire, while keeping the cripple condition removed.

Team roles (edit)
Type General team roles Specific team roles Hero team roles
Damage SpikerNuker BomberDagger spammerTouch rangerStarbursterTrapper
Pressure Lineback BarragerBeast masterCripshot RangerPressure Ranger
Support HealerProtection BatteryBonderFlag runnerHybrid monkImbagonInfuserOrders
Control ShutdownTank Minion masterPermaSpirit spammer Mesmer Midline
Utility CallerToolbox Gimmick