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A self-healing skill is any skill included in a build primarily for the purpose of restoring the health of the user, as opposed to a healing skill which is used to do the same for allies or party-members. The term is also used in the literal sense for skills that do nothing other than heal the user (e.g. Healing Signet).

Some players advise always including a self-heal in a build (especially for PUGs). However, efficient and organized team builds rely on designated healers, freeing up one or more slots for the other members.

List of self-healing skills[edit]

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Other methods[edit]

There are a few other ways to keep your own health up without using direct healing skills:

  • Life stealing skills can be used for the same practical purposes as self-healing, though they work through a different mechanic and have the downside of requiring suitable target(s) in range.
  • Skills that increase maximum health can temporarily function as self-heal, but the extra health is lost when the skill ends.


  • Not all self-healing skills actually heal the target. Some cause health gain instead, which is unaffected by effects that reduce the effectiveness of healing.