The Frog

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The Frog
The Frog.jpg
Affiliation Not specified
Type Not specified
Level(s) 7
Campaign Core

The Frog normally appears in Lion's Arch, Shing Jea Monastery, or Kamadan and usually speaks when Gaile Gray chats with players, though he has been known to speak without any other ArenaNet employees around.

The Frog's speech very rarely contains tangible information. He usually speaks with hints and roundabout description instead of saying what he knows.

The Frog is managed by an ArenaNet employee and speaks in yellow (though he refers to it as golden) speech. It is speculated that Gaile Gray might be controlling the Frog, but she has denied such allegations, though she has been seen writing in gold speech previously.

Gaile Gray stated at PAX 2007 that even she did not know who the frog was at that point.

He claims to gain most of his information from the TPN - Tad-Pole Network.

The Frog can be found in every "hallmark" town such as Lion's Arch. During holiday events, the Frog often wears a hat based on what holiday Guild Wars is celebrating.


"The Frog thanks you for making it to this farewell party for he and Gaile!"