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A synchronized enter occurs when two or more players attempt to join together in a supposedly randomized group, sidestepping the stated mechanics. The practice is controversial because (a) synced teams tend to have effective builds on every player, good team balance and voice chat which provides an advantage over non-synced ones and (b) because it is alleged to be against the rules.

Sync enters takes place in PvP arenas where the team members are intended to be selected at random: RA, AB, Dragon Arena, and Rollerbeetle Racing. Those attempting to synchronize will meet in relatively empty districts (e.g. Asia: Traditional Chinese), to increase the likelihood that the players will be assigned to the same team in the arena. Some players try to counter this by visiting those same districts, thus attempting to interrupt the desired queue. In response, synchronized teams coordinate their efforts over a voice chat program (e.g. TeamSpeak), allowing them to choose the ideal moment to press the Enter button.

PvE players can also sync enter into two cooperative missions in Factions: Vizunah Square and Unwaking Waters. Since this has no impact on anyone else's success, players consider this uncontroversial (and uninteresting).


  • The term (usually abbreviated as sync enter or synch enter) has many synonyms, including sync join, join spike, synching', spike join, and team stacking.
  • Various comments and actions by ArenaNet suggest that they consider that synchronization "hurts the game" and they have periodically taken steps to prevent or discourage players from participating in it:


  • Sync and Synch are both correctly spelled variations of the verb synchronize.
  • Cartographer candidates used to synchronize entry into the Jade Quarry (in order to explore), when it was difficult to gain entry.

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