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Voice chat communication software (also known as Voice over IP or VoIP) allows users to talk to each other during gameplay, e.g. to discuss strategies and tactics in real-time. Since communication is a huge factor on team effectiveness, voice chat is nearly essential for high-end PvP.

Since Guild Wars does not include in-game voice chat, players must use third party software, which requires a server (to connect players) and software running the background on the player's computer. Anybody can set this up for a guild or other groups, since there are several robust programs available at little or no cost.


  • The server-side software can require a lot of computer power.
    • This should be run on a dedicated machine with a broadband connection.
    • There are also no-cost hosted servers made available by the various software publishers.
  • Some guilds and speed clearing teams require use of a voice chat program.

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