Power Up Box

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Power Up Box
Power Up Box.jpg
Type PvP object
Campaign Core

Power Up Boxes are boxes that are placed around the Rollerbeetle Racing track. Hitting one will randomly recharge one of the skills listed below.



4. Distracting Lunge Distracting Lunge: Temporarily disables all of opponents skills.
5. Spit Rocks Spit Rocks: Projectile knockdown.
6. Rollerbeetle Echo Rollerbeetle Echo: Echo skill, similar to Echo.
7. Rollerbeetle Blast Rollerbeetle Blast: Knock down opponent.
8. Super Rollerbeetle Super Rollerbeetle: Extreme speedboost and defense against knockdown.


  • Since the box randomly recharges a skill, you may get a skill you already have and nothing will happen.


  • The Power Up Box is a reference to the Mario Kart racing video game series, where racers gain random power-up items by driving through and breaking large boxes with a question mark printed on them.