Water Buffalo

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Water Buffalo
Affiliation Shing Jea Island wildlife
Type Animal
Profession Ranger Ranger
Level(s) 3 (22)
Campaigns Core

The Water Buffalo can be found wandering in locations found in Cantha and The Battle Isles. It is a special type of NPC that cannot be selected and cannot be targeted; however, they can be harmed by certain point blank area of effect damage, will set off traps, and can be knocked down. During special events, they will sometimes drop special event items when killed.



  • Water Buffalo are considered fleshy.
  • Although players and heroes cannot target them, minions will attack them after they turn hostile.
  • If you injure but do not kill a Water Buffalo, they will run away whenever you approach them.
  • Water buffaloes grant experience upon kill, but do not count as foes for vanquishing purposes.
A Water Buffalo killed by AoE damage