The Knights Who Say Nian

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The Knights Who Say Nian
Section Festival Event Quests
Event Canthan New Year
Given by Johai Sohn
in Shing Jea Monastery
(Shing Jea Island)
Type Festival quest
The Knights Who Say Nian map.jpg
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Johai Sohn has lost his shipment of red dyes. Find the Knights Who Say Nian to get the dyes back.

Quest information[edit]





The Knights Who Say Nian can be found on Onghsang Island. After their dialogue, they will turn hostile and attack your party. Only after killing them can a stolen shipment of Festival Dyes be acquired from the Festival Dyes chest located next to them. Return to Johai Sohn for your reward.







Initial dialogue[edit]

Johai Sohn
"This is a disaster of epic proportions! My shipment of red dyes has been waylaid. We need them for our decorations to keep the nian at bay. If we do not get them back, things could be...bad.
I can think of no other group that could be responsible for this except the Knights Who Say Nian! They are a fearsome lot that disrupt our festival each year. They gather at Onghsang Island in the Kinya Province, if you are brave enough to seek them out. Will you help me recover my dyes?"
Yes Accept: "I'll nerf their nefarious plans!"
No Decline: "My constitution is too faint for this!"
Ask Ask: "About those know we are on a deadline, right? Emphasis on "dead.""

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Haef Bei: "Who is it that dares face the Knights Who Say Nian?"
Chae Plan: "NIAN!"
Pah Pei: "NIAN!"
Haef Bei: "Could it be more foolish heroes trying to save their festival? Look, the thing is we're putting an end to it this year. That's just the way it is."
Pah Pei: "Why are we still talking? Come on, let's just go already. Let's roll these guys!"
Chae Plan: "These plebeians are no match for us. They have no dignity!"
Haef Bei: "Well, it's not like anyone is a match for us, right? I'm just saying.... Let's just get this over with."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Johai Sohn
"You have averted a crisis bigger than you know, my friend. Now that I have these dyes back, I can paint the town red. And when I say that, I mean it strictly in a work-related manner."


  • You can speed up doing this quest for low-level characters (e.g. level 5) by acquiring the Festival Dyes multiple times in advance with a level 20 character, since the "Defeat the Knights Who Say Nian" objective can be skipped if your character has the dye in inventory. To do this, acquire the dye chest and then rezone and acquire it (by killing the trio) again.
Anomaly Anomaly.Unlike most other quests where a quest item can only be acquired after killing one or more NPCs, the Knights Who Say Nian and the Festival Dyes chest will continue to spawn even when the "See Johai Sohn for your reward" objective appears in the Quest Log after already killing them and acquiring the Festival Dyes, which allows repeatedly rezoning to kill and acquire the dyes without having to move the dyes out of inventory.