Imperial Chef Jiong

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Imperial Chef Jiong
Imperial chef m.jpg
Affiliation Celestial Ministry
Type Human
Level(s) 10
Campaign Factions

Imperial Chef Jiong is one of the five chefs given the honor of cooking for the celestials during the Canthan New Year. His feast dish for the celestial is a kappa shell soup.



Prior to Canthan New Year finale:

"None in Cantha can match my cooking prowess. The soup I am preparing to please the great celestial upon its arrival requires the following ingredients:"
Archaic Kappa Shells
Mantis Pincers
Kraken Eyes
Naga Hides
"Bring me these ingredients and my kappa shell soup will prove superior to all other courses served to the great celestial."

While requesting ingredients:

"My soup requires <ingredient>. Please give me what you have."
Ask Here's what I've got. I hope it helps.
"Find someone who does, then. Immediately!"
No I'm afraid I can't help you with the soup right now. (If ingredient requested is not in inventory.)
"Good. The soup is progressing well." (If ingredient requested is in inventory.)

After preparing his dish:

"The soup is perfect. The consistency is fantastic, the taste superb, and the presentation unparalleled. All who sample it will be in awe." (If dish was successful.)
"it is a shame you could not bring me the ingredients. I believe with my ability, this could could have been the most memorable meal provided this day. Now it tastes like kappa dung." (If dish was unsuccessful.)


When requesting ingredients:

"My soup requires <ingredient>. Bring me some immediately!."

When presenting to the celestial:

"Today, I have crafted for you, oh great celestial, a delicate kappa shell soup with a tantalizing aroma and a light, but piquant flavor that has no flaw. I have no doubt that once you try this divine concoction, you too, great celestial, shall feel the same." (If dish was successful.)
"My soup would have been flawless, a consommé worthy of a god, if I had but more time to perfect the recipe. I shall prove to you when you next return that I can prepare correctly that which went wrong today." (If dish was unsuccessful.)


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