A Burning Desire

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A Burning Desire
Section Festival Event Quests
Event Canthan New Year
Given by Fehj
in Plains of Jarin
Type Festival quest
A Burning Desire Map.jpg
Location icon.png = Jehr User-lordbiro-map-marker-larger.png = Corsairs

Help Fehj set off some fireworks to annoy Elder Nofuun.

Quest information[edit]





Wait outside the Sunspear Great Hall for Fehj and Elder Nofuun to complete their argument and grab the quest from the kid when it becomes available. If you know the location of the sparklers, head there directly to pick them up. Otherwise, run to Fehj's village in the northwest corner of Zehlon Reach from either The Astralarium (head west) or Jokanur Diggings (due north) and speak with Jehr. The quest marker will now lead to the box's location, close to a group of Corsairs. Note that you don't have to kill the corsairs to be able to pick up the sparklers.

Map travel to the Sunspear Great Hall, exit, and distract Elder Nofuunn by dancing or playing a musical instrument. Speak to Fehj for your reward.


Plains of Jarin[edit]

Zehlon Reach[edit]


Humans (Corsairs)



Elder Nofuun: "Hey! You lousy kid! Stop running around with that sparkler. You will burn down the town!"
Fehj: "You can't tell me what to do, old man. You're not my father."
Elder Nofuun: "I know your father, you little ragamuffin. He was always getting into trouble, too."
Fehj: "Yeah? My dad says you're an old stick in the mud, Elder "No Fun.""
Elder Nofuun: "You show some respect for your elders, boy."
Fehj: "No fun. No fun. The elder always has no fun! Nah nah. Can't catch me!"
Elder Nofuun: "You petulant little ringworm. Get out of my sight before I curse your whole clan!"

Initial dialogue[edit]

"Boy, that Elder "No Fun" is such a wet blanket. He's always trying to rain on my parade. You know what would really show him? A good, old-fashioned hot foot...just like my dad used to give him. He'd see me coming from the next town over, so you'll have to do the deed. I've got tons of sparklers back at my house in Zehlon Reach. Go get a box and then find old Nofunn as he makes his daily trek to the Sunspear Great Hall. You'll probably need to distract him first. I hear old fogeys like him enjoy music and dancing.... Do this and I'll give you something cool. What do you say?"
Yes Accept: "I'll give old "No Fun" a hot time tonight."
No Decline: "Fire bad!"
Ask Ask: "Did you get the sparklers yet? I hid them back in town...in Zehlon Reach."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

"Are you looking for Fehj? What has he done now? ...Oh, his sparklers? Sorry. They are all gone. Corsairs raided the town and took everything not nailed down. I don't think it's worth it for a box of sparklers, but if you want to follow them, they headed south into the swamp."
Elder Nofuun
"What? Oh my gods! I am on fire! Put it out! Put it out! Did Fehj put you up to this? I cannot believe heroes such as you would follow such a rapscallion down the road to ruin. You can bet I will talk to Castellan Puuba about this incident. You have rued the day! Hrmph."

Reward dialogue[edit]

"Oh ho ho! What a great trick. Did he stop, drop, and roll? You know what we forgot? A big bag of drake droppings for him to stomp on. Well, maybe next time. Thanks. You can keep the rest of the sparklers. It was well worth it."


  • You can skip talking to Jehr and go straight to the box of sparklers.
  • Doing the /dancenew command next to Nofuun won't knock him down and trigger the completion of this quest.
  • Mutually exclusive with Douse Your Enthusiasm. If a party member has Douse Your Enthusiasm active, the Box of Sparklers will not appear and this quest cannot be completed.