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Canthan peasant f pigtails.jpg
Affiliation Canthans
Type Human
Level(s) 10
Campaign Prophecies

Rena hints to those from the Prophecies campaign that there is a festival celebrating the Canthan New Year.



"The lights! The colors! The festival is my favorite time of the year. You could even say it's to die for!"


The following conversation occurs between Keiichi, Rena and Shion:

Keiichi: "You know...ever since this festival began, more and more people have disappeared from town."
Shion: "Don't you know about the legends?"
Keiichi: "What legends?"
Rena: "He's not originally from here, so he wouldn't know."
Shion: "It's said that on the night of the festival, a great celestial beast comes down from the heavens..."
Shion: "...and that it's hungry from its long journey."
Rena: "That's why they prepare a feast in Cantha!"
Shion: "So that the celestial being doesn't eat them instead."
Keiichi: "You can't be serious! So what about the people who are disappearing?"
Shion: "You guessed it."
Rena: "You know Keiichi, with the way you've been eating lately, you might look pretty tasty to a celestial being..."
Keiichi: "Wait a second...can't it be that the real reason people are leaving..."
Keiichi: " because they are going home to see their families?"
Rena: "I don't know. Sounds like a stretch to me."
Shion: "Highly unlikely..."
Keiichi: "I get the feeling you guys just keep me around to amuse yourselves with."
Rena: "Ding ding ding! We have a winner!"