Hopeless Romantic

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Hopeless Romantic
Section Festival Event Quests
Event Canthan New Year
Given by Hai Len
in Shing Jea Monastery
(Shing Jea Island)
Type Festival quest
Hopeless Romantic map.jpg
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Hai Len thinks he is in love and you must help him find his lover, Jei Zohn.

Quest information[edit]





Exit from Tsumei Village into Panjiang Peninsula, and talk to Hai Len. Go to the door of the house nearest to you, wait for the Kappa to spawn, and kill them. Move to the nearby field; wait for Hai Len to cut himself, and kill the plants that spawn as a result (the target area is in the mid-left section of the second half of the field; the plants are comparatively sparse and the soil is lighter). After this point, there are no more popups.

Now head to Herder Tsiyingju's bull pen, select the Raging Bull (at the center) and kill it before Hai Len reaches the area. When he reaches the pen, Hai Len will continue his set dialogue as if the bull were alive and attacked him and then proceed to the nearby windmill, where Jei Zohn awaits. To get credit for the quest, you must remain in Panjiang Peninsula until Hai Len completes his last line of dialogue, "Perhaps today was not my lucky day, after all..." You can claim the reward for the quest here or back at Shing Jea Monastery.

You can speed up his movement using an ally speed boost (such as "Fall Back!"), but after you kill the bull, you can just wait for him to follow his programmed route, completing other activities in the area in the meantime.


In Panjiang Peninsula:








Initial dialogue[edit]

Hai Len
"Oh, what an auspicious day this is! I'm in such high spirits that I'm telling anyone who will talk to me. I had my fortune predicted and was told that my success in love will be great! I've got a feeling...today's the day. I'm going to confess my feelings to the girl I love! She lives out in the Panjiang Peninsula, but...even divine luck can't get me there safely. Will you escort me?"
Yes Accept: "Love? Escort? Sure thing. What's the worst that could happen?"
No Decline: "My fortune advised me to avoid unnecessary travel."
Ask Ask: "Get your things ready so we can get going. I'll meet you on the Panjiang Peninsula!"

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Hai Len: Having company really warms the heart...and the cold feet. Even a blessed fortune isn't enough to still anxious beating of my heart!
Hai Len: Jei's house is this way. Oh how long I long to see her radiant smile. She has the nicest teeth.
Hai Len: Jei? Are you home?
Hai Len: What the...kappa? Why are there kappa in a house?!
Hai Len: Well, that was unexpected. But I'll not be deterred. Today is the day! Perhaps a walk through these peaceful fields will calm my nerves.
Hai Len: Gah! I cut myself on this branch!
Hai Len: This plant is reacting strangely....
Hai Len: Argh! What are these...things? Some kind of cursed crop demons!?
Hai Len: Never fear, friends, that was a coincidence. A bloody, violent coincidence.
Hai Len: Ahh...this truly is a beautiful day. But nothing is as beautiful as my dear Jei.
Hai Len: When I saw her eyes, the world dimmed around her. She consumed my sight. My soul.
Hai Len: Hello Tsingjyu [sic]! Your herd is looking very healthy today!
Hai Len: Good bull! Nice bull? Oh, dear...
Hai Len: Perhaps today was a poor one to be carrying red festival items. I'm sure the beast was clearly mad. It would have attacked anyone. I just happened to have come along first.
Hai Len: After all, today is my lucky day! It's fated to be so!
Hai Len: There she is. I feel so excited I could nearly burst. Jei! Jei, I have something I must tell you!
Jei Zohn: Yes. And you are...?
Hai Len: Don't you remember? My name is Hai Len. I've loved you since the moment I saw you! We're fated to be together!
Jei Zohn: Oh? Oh! Hai, how I have longed to hear those words. The truth is, I've always loved you, too.
Hai Len: Oh, how a chorus of angels sings in my heart! But even their voices pale in comparison to the sound of hearing you say those words!
Jei Zohn: It is true. There is something about you, Hai, something that I've always wanted. Please, come closer....
Hai Len:: Of course my love!
Hai Len: Wait. Where are you going, my love? And...where's my coin purse?!
Hai Len: Oh, I truly thought she was the one. Now I'm heartbroken. And just plain...broke!
Hai Len: Perhaps today was not my lucky day, after all....

Reward dialogue[edit]

Hai Len
"That didn't go quite as I imagined. Perhaps there's a lesson to be learned here, friend. Sometimes the only fate we can trust is the one that we forge for ourselves! I appreciate what you've done, so take this as a sign of my gratitude. At lest then someone's day will have a happy ending."


  • This quest can be completed together with The Big Bang and Just My Luck. Give the required quest items to Guwon the Wise in Sunqua Vale before heading to Tsumei Village. When you enter Panjiang, immediately take care of the invading Nian, then speak to Hai Len to start his quest. After you kill the Raging Bull, you can walk to the beach to meet Hapless Chong and claim the reward from Guwon. Map travel back to the monastery to receive the rewards for both The Big Bang and Hopeless Romantic as soon as the dialogue for this quest completes.
  • Although you can attack the Raging Bull before Hai Len reaches the area, it is not a charmable animal and will not fight back.
  • Jei runs into Tsumei Village after stealing Hai Len's purse.
  • Although Hai Len claims to be broke in the dialogue, you still receive gold from him in the reward.
Bug Bug.If the Winds of Change encounter takes place in this area, Hai Len will get stuck by Canthan Peasant and Canthan Guard who discuss the news near the Jei's house. You need to re-enter the area.