Vabbian Miner

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Vabbian Miner
Vabbian commoner m vest.jpgVabbian commoner m white.jpg
Affiliation Vabbians
Type Human
Profession Warrior Warrior
Level(s) 10 (20)
Campaign Nightfall

Vabbian Miners are found in the frontiers of Vabbi.




Before completion of the Tihark Orchard mission:

"Do you think I like going home all covered in filth? Well, actually I do. Heh."
"I don't mind a little hard work, but I could do without all them damn harpies around."
"I hear the princes have a whole hidden city somewhere. Wonder if I mined the stone for it?"
"Nothin' like the sparkle of a gem when the sun hits it."
"Why don't you give us a hand instead of goofing off?"

After completion of the Tihark Orchard mission:

"Don't care much about the Sunspears one way or the other. I'm worried about my mines."
"Have you ever lifted a shovel in your life, mole?"
"Sunspears running for their lives? That's gotta be a sign of the end of the world."
"The Warmarshal's troops are everywhere. What are the princes doing about it?"
"Varesh is sending troops into Vabbi now? What's the world comin' to?"

After completion of the Dasha Vestibule or Dzagonur Bastion mission:

"I don't trust this Warmarshal, and I don't like extra work."
"Mind if I wipe my hands?"
"The princes? Cowards; all of 'em. Wouldn't last two seconds in the mines."
"They didn't build the Hidden City just so the princes could hide inside."
"Three soldiers came to the mines today. Double production. Everyone works overtime."

After completion of the Grand Court of Sebelkeh mission:

"I got married at the Temple of Lyssa...hang on, on second thought, maybe it was Balthazar."
"My father told me a story about Nightfall once. I remember I woke up screaming that night."
"Nightfall's just a myth, ain't it? Nah. It can't be real."
"Varesh hasn't fled! She's no cowardly prince. She's after something. Mark my words."
"We hit artisan water and the mine's flooded. That'll set us back some..."

After completion of the Ruins of Morah mission:

"I found a new load of gems. But what's the use?"
"My hands are shakin' too much to work the mine today."
"Nightfall is coming! Save us!"
"This was my father's shovel. I used to think I'd give it to my son someday..."
"Why do you care? Why do I?"

After completion of the Abaddon's Gate mission:

"Grab a shovel. I could use some new workers to help in the mines."
"I'm teachin' my son how to work the mine, and he's teachin' me how to fight."
"Sold those gems and bought my own mine!"
"There's a new darkness in the mines... I think somethin's [sic] hiding down there, keepin' out of the sun."
"You're the ones who helped us when the demons came? I'm glad you're here."