To Kill a Demon

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To Kill a Demon
Section Primary Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Master of Whispers
in Dejarin Estate
Preceded by Secrets in the Shadow
Followed by Rilohn Refuge
Type Primary quest
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Join the Master of Whispers in weakening the Drought's defenses.

Quest information[edit]




From Kodonur Crossroads exit into The Floodplain of Mahnkelon. Talk to the Master of Whispers who can be found next to the resurrection shrine. Make your way northeast to the water's edge where you will find the 5 groups of Droughtlings. Each group will contain 3 Droughtlings each and in total all 15 must be killed to advance the quest. The groups can be killed in any order. Just be aware that there are large groups of Heket in the area, so try not to aggro these or pull the Droughtlings to make the job easier.

Once all 5 groups have been killed, talk to Dehjah who is standing on a small hill to the west. Once you are ready, she will take you to the mission outpost Rilohn Refuge. Talk to her again here (note that she is now disguised as a human) for your reward.

Skill recommendations[edit]







Initial dialogue[edit]

Master of Whispers
"We will work together so long as you choose the right path. There are others who plan to rescue Kormir with Margrid, but I cannot say what will become of them. Do not concern yourself with that.
We must first weaken the Drought's outer defenses. It grows in power with every passing moment; the sooner we end this the better. Dehjah will meet us when we are ready. Are you prepared to slay the demon?"
Yes Accept: "I am ready."
No Decline: "Perhaps another time...."
Ask Ask: "We must travel to the Floodplain of Mahnkelon and kill the droughtlings."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Once the quest has been accepted:

Master of Whispers: "The Drought not only makes this secret route to Vabbi impassible, but it will soon barrel down the Elon, cross the channel, and destroy the Istani homeland."
Master of Whispers: "The droughtlings have formed a defensive perimeter around the exterior of the Waterworks."
Master of Whispers: "Once we clear the perimeter of droughtlings, we must rush in and cut off the water pumps that strengthen the Drought."
Master of Whispers: "Make haste! We have demons to hunt."

In The Floodplain of Mahnkelon:

Master of Whispers
"Are you ready? It's time to slay these droughtlings and cleanse the Elon of their wretched presence."

After killing all 5 groups:

Master of Whispers: "The perimeter is clear. We must now report to Dehjah to gain access to the Waterworks."

"Excellent work! With the perimeter cleansed of droughtlings, we can move forward with the plan."
Yes Tell us what you need us to do.
"The Drought resides deep within the heart of this complex. I will be able to help you gain entrance, but that is all. You must journey within to rid the Elon of this dark presence. We will stage our attack from Rilohn Refuge. Are you ready?"
Yes We are ready. (sent to To Kill a Demon (cinematic))
No We are not ready yet.

Cinematics dialogue[edit]

Master of Whispers: "There is a demonic force here, brought from the Realm of Torment. That creature now seeks to become the river."
<player name>: "What do you mean, "become the river?""
Master of Whispers: "Life here depends on the ebb and flow of the river Elon."
Master of Whispers: "Should the demon bind the river to its will, nothing here will save Kourna from its taint."
<player name>: "It's good to see you're concerned about your fellow countrymen."
Master of Whispers: "Their lives are immaterial. But should Abaddon's influence spread further, the consequences will be dire."
<player name>: "How do you know all of this?"
Master of Whispers: "I make it my business to know. Now come. We must talk to Dehjah. She will help us defeat the demon."

Reward dialogue[edit]

"I may look like a simple engineer, but in truth I am none other than the djinn who has helped you thus far. You must now prepare for battle. When you are ready, I will help you gain access to the Mahnkelon Waterworks. I cannot enter with you, but the Master of Whispers will join your party to make sure the operation goes smoothly."