Secrets in the Shadow

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Secrets in the Shadow
Section Primary Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Master of Whispers
in Jahai Bluffs
Preceded by Mysterious Message
Followed by To Kill a Demon
Type Primary quest
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Prove to the Master of Whispers and his Djinn allies that you are capable of hunting demons.

Quest information[edit]




Environmental changes[edit]


Secrets in the Shadow is offered right after completion of the Mysterious Message quest, together with a mutually exclusive primary quest For a Price. Note: Secrets in the Shadow leads to the recruitment of Master of Whispers and For a Price leads to the recruitment of Margrid the Sly.

Travel to Kodonur Crossroads then leave through the portal there into Dejarin Estate. Head to the marker and speak with Dehjah. She will summon 3 groups of Droughtlings that will converge on Dehjah's location. It is advisable to move away immediately after you have talked with Dehjah to avoid being attacked by all 3 groups of Droughtlings simultaneously - doing this allows you to engage each group separately. Defeat them and talk to Master of Whispers to collect the reward.






Initial dialogue[edit]

Master of Whispers

"You must know there is a great darkness falling across Elona. As a demon hunter, it is my task to keep that from happening.
Before we can kill our adversary to the north I must meet with an ally. We will find her at the Dejarin Estate where I have arranged for your first test."
Yes Accept: "Test? I'll pass with flying colors."
No Decline: "Test? I'd better go study...."
Ask Ask: "Dehjah is waiting for us at the Dejarin Estate."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

"So it is you the Master has chosen. If you can survive this crucible, perhaps you can assist us in our battle."
Master of Whispers: "These djinn are our allies. We fight for a common cause."
Dehjah: "Indeed...we both wish to push back this dark presence, which threatens our very existence within the Elon."
Master of Whispers: "Before we face the Drought, you must first pass unscathed through this crucible."
Master of Whispers: "The land itself is changing; it is becoming tormented. These are lesser demons. A sign of what is to come."
Dehjah: "I will call those we have trapped beneath the earth."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Master of Whispers

"You survived most admirably. The first rule of hunting demons is to avoid becoming one. Now, we must move quickly before our enemies grow stronger."


  • Mutually exclusive with For a Price.
  • Some have claimed that the Master of Whispers will not give out the reward if one party member is dead on completion of the quest. As such, make sure that all party members are alive before talking to the Master of Whispers.