Heart or Mind: Garden in Danger

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Heart or Mind: Garden in Danger
Section Primary Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Zerai the Learner
in The Kodash Bazaar
Required hero Koss
Preceded by Attack at the Kodash
Followed by Jennur's Horde
Type Primary quest
Heart or Mind Garden in Danger map.jpg
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Defend the Garden of Seborhin.

Quest information[edit]


Koss must be in your party.




This is a short, straightforward quest. Starting from Tihark Orchard, go out the west exit and head into the now Nightfallen Garden of Seborhin. Hedge Wizard Lohhaj is just a short distance to the north.




Initial dialogue[edit]

Zerai the Learner
"Ruptures have indeed been reported in the Garden of Seborhin. It has fallen into night, taken over by creatures of pure darkness known as Harbingers. They will anchor the Realm of Torment if not destroyed, but can only be harmed by pure light, honor, and truth. The ancient caretakers and protectors, the hedge wizards of Seborhin, were killed or ran in terror from their sacred duty to protect our most beautiful and powerful sites. Search this Nightfallen Garden of Seborhin for my old friend, Hedge Wizard Lohhaj, and gain his aid. You protected the Temple of Lyssa. You must now protect the Seborhin. If not, all of Vabbi will fall. You must make the choice: Defend Ronjok in Kourna or help us Vabbians with the Nightfallen Garden of Seborhin"
Yes Accept: "We bring light to these dark times."
No Decline: "I can't. Ronjok is in trouble."
Ask Ask: "The Hedge Wizards have either been killed or they have fled. Search the Nightfallen Garden for Hedge Wizard Lohhaj. He is an old friend of mine and should be able to help."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

When approaching Hedge Wizard Lohhaj:

Hedge Wizard Lohhaj: "Help! Oh, Lyssa. Help us all!"
Hedge Wizard Lohhaj
They're all dead or fled. DEAD or FLED!
Yes He has gone mad. Koss, why don't you try to talk some sense into him?
You will see. It's terrible! TERRIBLE!
Yes We are ready. (sent to Heart or Mind: Garden in Danger (cinematic))
No We are not ready yet.

Reward dialogue[edit]

Master Gardener Kobahl
"You found Lohhaj. That is good. Horticulturist Hinon, the head of the order, is preparing for our final stand against the Harbingers. You and Koss will be our saviors. We can help keep the torment at bay, but can do no more than that. It is up to all of you to ensure the Harbingers are destroyed. Only then will this waking nightmare abate."