Melonni's Meditations

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Melonni's Meditations
Section Kourna Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Elder Jonah
in Marga Coast
Required hero Melonni
Type Secondary quest
Melonnis Meditations map.jpg
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A drought plagues the lands around Ronjok. Protect Melonni while she communes with nature to figure out why.

Quest information[edit]


Required Hero: Melonni


  • Lead Melonni through the Marga Coast as she attempts to commune with the natural world.
  • Defeat the creatures that attack when Melonni prays by the pond.
  • Defeat the creatures that attack when Melonni prays by the rock formation.
  • Defeat the creatures that attack when Melonni prays by the dying tree.
  • See Elder Jonah for your reward.



Elder Jonah can be found at point J on the quest map just outside the southwest exit from the Sunspear Sanctuary. Go with Melonni to each of the quest points. At each one, groups of Corrupted Natures will attack. These groups are small and should pose no threat to a full party. A new group will spawn only after completely destroying the previous one. The final group also contains an Infectious Nightmare.



Demons (Torment creatures)



Initial dialogue[edit]

Elder Jonah

"Once every year, devout followers of Melandru must commune with the natural world. Through prayer and meditation they receive the blessings of Melandru and further their talents. Now that she has returned, Melonni must undergo this ritual. Our crops depend heavily on water from the Elon's tributaries and from our deep wells. Lately, we have fallen on dry, tough times. Perhaps she could find the cause of the recent drought?
To make matters worse, the lands have grown dangerous what with Varesh's increased military presence and the now-hostile local flora and fauna. Would you protect Melonni while she makes her journey through the Marga Coast?"
Yes Accept: "Melonni is a friend. I will protect her with my life."
No Decline: "Send that chump Chuno to protect Melonni. He'd do anything for her."
Ask Ask: "Has Melonni completed the ritual of communing? Please lead her through the Marga Coast so that we may find some answers to the recent water shortage."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

At pond

Melonni: "A branch of the great Elon flowed abundantly through here, but in recent times, the water has receded and this pond is all that is left. I shall ask Melandru about this."
Melonni: "Goddess Melandru, giver of life, hear my calling. Let my spirit flow with the currents of the great Elon."

After fight

Melonni: "The Elon is in much pain. Let us move forward and learn more."

At rock formation

Melonni: "I remember spending much time in my youth climbing these rocks. It was during those times that I realized my great love of all the natural gifts Melandru has bestowed upon us. Give me a moment to reflect."
Melonni: "Goddess Melandru, protector of nature, hear my calling. Encase my mind with the strength of these stones."

After fight

Melonni: "The land is greatly tormented, although I do not know why. Let us keep pace; there is one more location I must visit."

At dying tree

Melonni: "The death of this tree is most peculiar. Throughout my lifetime it always thrived...and now it is gone. I shall meditate on this."
Melonni: "Goddess Melandru, keeper of balance, hear my calling. Fill my soul with the knowledge of this ancient tree."

During Fight

Melonni: "This tree has undergone much suffering, and its death was not a natural one. The water trapped within its roots is laced with a vile corruption."

After fight

Melonni: "Thank you for protecting me. Melandru has blessed me with knowledge and enhanced abilities. She has answered out questions through the earth, trees, and water. A great darkness resides in Elon, and the creatures we encountered today are a direct result of that darkness. Let us return to the village. I must inform Elder Jonah."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Elder Jonah

"Indeed, this is a bad omen. A darkness in the land is most disturbing. Our way of life depends on water from the stream and our wells; it brings us food and gives us life. I pray to Melandru that this drought will pass."


  • From the Wandering Priest at point W on the quest map, you can obtain the Kournan Bounty blessing which gives you double XP from Kournan soldiers and 4 Sunspear promotion points for every Kournan soldier your slay. x2 in hard mode.
  • Spawns in Marga Coast will be different from normal when Melonni is in your party unless all players in your party have finished this quest.