To Vabbi!

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Scout a possible route into Vabbi with Nerashi.

To Vabbi!
Section Primary Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Elder Suhl
in Consulate
Preceded by The Council is Called
Followed by Centaur Blackmail
Type Primary quest
To Vabbi! map.jpg
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Quest information[edit]




Simply follow the checkpoints through the Jahai Bluffs until you reach the Kournan patrol. Kill them and map travel back to Sunspear Sanctuary for your reward.

Note that the quest will reset if changing zones before completion.

Once the quest is completed, consider walking to Kodonur Crossroads, which is a short walk away from there, by going through The Floodplain of Mahnkelon, as it can be a time gain for the next quest.



Centaurs (Veldrunner)

Humans (Kournan military)

Humans (Order of the Sunspears)


Humans (Kournan military); the Kournan Commander and a random four of the following will spawn at "point 4"


Initial dialogue[edit]

Elder Suhl

"Istan must prepare for the inevitable. Your Sunspears are doing a commendable job of keeping Varesh occupied, though it is only a matter of time before she turns her gaze toward Istan. You must go to Vabbi and convince those corpulent princes that this is their war. Do not fail us as Kormir did. You must be the light against which the tide of darkness will break. If you need passage back to Kourna, Dockmaster Ahlaro will assist you."
Yes Accept: "To Vabbi!"
No Decline: "To the nearest tavern!"
Ask Ask: "Perhaps Dunkoro has a plan. Best to seek his counsel."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]


"We must go north through the Fortress of Jahai to reach Vabbi. There the mountains narrow and the Elon falls over the first Great Cataract. Once it was a clear passage, but the Kournans have built a fortress there, and control the road. We need to find a way through it...or around it. Just remember to keep an eye on Nerashi; her impulsive actions have a tendency to draw attention."


"Dunkoro said what about me? If anything, his harebrained schemes are liable to backfire on us more than anything I do. Well, let's waste no more time with idle chatter."

Point 1

"There is Jahai, built where Turai Ossa defeated Palawa Joko. It looks to be superbly guarded."

Point 2

"Gods! This place is bursting at the seams with troops! There is definitely no way through."

Point 3

Kournan Guard
"Move it, Centaur scum!"
Mirza Veldrunner
"My pride will not stand for this!"
"I know this Centaur! That's Mirza Veldrunner! They must have captured him and his warriors."
"They are treated as slaves, worked to exhaustion and then death. What an atrocity."

Point 4

Kournan Commander
"We'd best silence these fools before we head back."

Reward dialogue[edit]


"Well, that is worrisome. I can see that a frontal assault on a heavily fortified location like the Fortress of Jahai would be folly. I am surprised you made it back. You shouldn't worry me so!"


  • Walking to the Kodonur Crossroads outpost after the quest has ended is mostly a waste of time as the follow-up quest also leads to it.
  • Nerashi won't attack and cannot be targeted or damaged by foes, making it impossible to capture any of her elite skills.


  • Despite the name of the quest, you will not be able to go to Vabbi right away after you finish the quest.