Special Delivery

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Special Delivery
Section Primary Quests
Campaign Nightfall

(Elonian only)

Given by First Spear Dehvad
in Kamadan, Jewel of Istan
Preceded by Bad Tide Rising
Followed by Big News, Small Package
Type Primary quest
Special Delivery map.jpg
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Travel around to deliver messages. This introduces one to Jerek.

Quest information[edit]





Head over to the Sun Docks, talk to Field General Hayao. Once done, map travel to the Sunspear Great Hall to talk to Castellan Puuba.

Starting from Kodlonu Hamlet, head west into the Issnur Isles to find Jerek - it is closer than travelling from Beknur Harbor and there are no foes to fight. Pacify Jerek when he turns aggressive.


Human (Order of the Sunspears)

  • Elementalist 20 Jerek - Generally allied, but becomes hostile for a brief period during the quest.


Initial dialogue[edit]

First Spear Dehvad
Kormir ordered me to take care of her council responsibilities. She wants you to coordinate defense preparations with Field General Hayao of the Zaishen, and also deliver her orders of field promotion to the Acting Spearmarshal while she's away. The big news is that she's appointing Jerek! He's a tried and true member of the Sunspears, so I can see why Kormir would appoint him.... He'll certainly keep things running. He's not really much of a Warrior, but he's a great scroll tender. Anyway, go speak to Field General Hayao, then take these orders to Jerek. Oh, you might want to talk to Castellan Puuba before you deliver Jerek's orders. They used to be friends.
Yes Accept: "I will see to it!"
No Decline: "A pencil pusher? Get someone else to deliver those orders."
Ask Ask: "Field General Hayao awaits your orders in the Sun Docks."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Field General Hayao
"We will deploy our Zaishen around the areas you have requested. I must say you have quite the tactical mind and would do well as a Zaishen. I was impressed by your fighting abilities against the darkness. Some of our Zaishen trainees could learn from your example. Talk to me again if you are interested."
Castellan Puuba
"Jerek, eh? An interesting choice. Let me tell you about Jerek. He gets along well with the consulate and is responsible, in part, for our good relations with the Istani. But, he was passed over as Spearmarshal when Kormir was chosen, and takes out his resentment on anyone she favors. It was a long time ago, but he has never forgiven her. I tell you this because he may not take well to seeing Kormir's best and brightest come charging into his homestead."
"He has a place in the Issnur Isles not far from Kodlonu Hamlet. Good luck delivering his orders."
"So you are Kormir's rising star, eh? Let's see what you're made of before we talk!"
Jerek (After defeating him)
"So Kormir has ordered me out of retirement to become Spearmarshal. I'm surprised, given our past. But, it's about time. While she's been dabbling about in the ruins of the old city, the corsairs have gained unprecedented strength. Well, we shall set the Sunspears back on the right path. By the time she gets back, Elder Suhl will appoint me Spearmarshal...permanently."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Castellan Puuba
"I can't say everyone will be glad to have Jerek back. We were friends before that mess when Kormir became Spearmarshal. You should be especially careful. He likes to pull rank, and tends to lead through intimidation and petty rules rather than action. Talk to me again before you report to him. I can give you some help with dealing with the man."