And a Hero Shall Lead Them

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And a Hero Shall Lead Them
Section Primary Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Lonai
in Sunspear Sanctuary
Required hero Koss
Preceded by The Great Escape
Followed by Venta Cemetery
Type Primary quest
And a hero shall lead them map.jpg
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Now that you have Koss back, make your way to Venta Cemetery to rendezvous with the evacuees, freeing other captured Sunspears along the way.

Quest information[edit]





Sunspear General[edit]

When playing a Nightfall character, you must be a Sunspear General (2,500 Sunspear Promotion Points) before you can continue with this quest.

By the time you reach this quest, you will likely have achieved the rank of Sunspear Commander (1,000 Sunspear Promotion Points). The following table provides a list of quests near the Sunspear Sanctuary that can be performed to gain enough points to move forward with this quest. Most characters can skip the quests highlighted in pink related to The Dejarin Estate unless you need more than 1,200 additional points.

You can also refer to the Guide to farming Sunspear promotion points if you are short a few hundred points.

Travel with Koss[edit]

Take Koss as one hero and go into the Sunward Marches. You will see the first pair of Sunspears. Defeat the Kournan Guards to rescue them. Go northwest and afterwards straight north to rescue the next two pairs. Watch out for sentry traps as they will cause 100 armor-ignoring damage to anyone in the area every 5 seconds. Talk to Commander Suha in the northeast to gain access to Venta Cemetery.

Only one Captured Sunspear has to survive to complete the quest.



Humans (Order of the Sunspears)



Initial dialogue[edit]

"We need to evacuate the wounded, but we'll never make it to the coast with everyone in the country against us. However, it seems not all Kournans are happy with Varesh. If we can win over more of the populace, it will make the evacuation that much easier. The local priests may be able to help us with that.
But, to make all of this work, we'll nee a new leader...and I think it should be you! Of course, you'll have to be able to command the respect of all Sunspears. Therefore you must first achieve the rank of Sunspear General or be one of the distinguished leaders Kormir herself recruited from foreign lands. When you are ready, Koss will update you on the evacuation plans."
Yes Accept: "I am honored by your confidence in me!"
No Decline: "I'm not worthy."
Ask Ask: "If you want to lead the Sunspear evacuation, you must first attain the rank of Sunspear General unless you are one of the distinguished leaders Kormir recruited from foreign lands. The local priests have much sway with the populace. Speak with them to see how we can win over the hearts and minds of the Kournan people. Then, have Koss update you on the evacuation plans."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

"While I was at the garrison, I overheard talk of captured Sunspears to the north of Nundu Bay. Rojis will meet us in the Venta Cemetery to assist with the evacuation. We must proceed with caution, however: the guards use sentry traps to keep wild creatures from wandering into their perimeter.
We must rescue as many Sunspears as we can and evacuate them before Margrid ups her fare."

Koss: "Nerashi warned me about those spotters. They will alert the archers to fire on us with longbows if we're not careful."
Captured Sunspear: "There's Koss!"
Koss: "There are sentry traps just ahead. We'll have to tread lightly around them."
Captured Sunspear: "Koss! Now is our chance!"
Koss: "Looks like we have to deal with both to get these guys free."
Captured Sunspear: "For Istan!"
Commander Suha
"Ahai! It is good to see you survived! Rojis made it out of Gandara as well, hanging onto a barrel! He figured out a way to disarm those blasted traps the Kournans have been using as well. Brilliant mind, that Sunspear."
Yes Accept: "What's the status of the evacuation?"
"It's not looking good. There are Kournan troops everywhere, and we need to evacuate our people immediately. Let me know when you and Koss are ready to muster the troops. Then Rojis can tell you how to disarm those traps."
Yes Accept: "We are ready." (sent to Evacuation)
No Decline: "We are not ready yet."

Reward dialogue[edit]

"Good to see you, my friend! And to think you've got all your arms and legs intact after all you've been through!
As a matter of fact, I have managed to figure out a way to disarm those pesky sentry traps. I'll show you how once we're on our way. That corsair, Margrid, is waiting on the other side of the garrison. I'll stay behind and direct any stragglers. Take this; you'll need it."


  • A Nightfall character can complete this quest without the rank of Sunspear General if that character is in a party with another character who also has the quest and has the rank of Sunspear General or is a Factions or Prophecies character. Both characters are teleported to Rojis in Venta Cemetery to accept the reward.
  • During the stage at which Nightfall characters must obtain the rank of Sunspear General, the quest marker will point to the Sunspear Great Hall, despite there being nothing there which will help with the objective.
  • Can be be completed at the same time as Building the Base: Prisoners of War.


  • When Nightfall was just released, even Factions and Prophecies characters needed to get Sunspear General to continue through the quest; however, this was changed after about a month and a half from release.