Tendering an Offer

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Tendering an Offer
Section Kourna Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Behchu
in Pogahn Passage
Required hero Koss
Part of The Dejarin Estate
Preceded by Estate Planning
Followed by Family Ties (Nightfall quest)
Type Secondary quest
Tendering an Offer map.jpg
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Buy back the Dejarin Estate.

Quest information[edit]



  • Collect Vadah's debt for Koss.
  • Negotiate a deal with Caretaker Palmor to buy back Zudash Dejarin's property.
  • "Evict" the Kournan soldiers from Dejarin land.
  • See Zudash Dejarin for your reward.



After accepting the quest, talk to Vadah who is also in Pogahn Passage. Next pay a visit to Caretaker Palmor in the Dejarin Estate. She will initially be hostile, so kill off the other soldiers and attack her until she is willing to talk. Backtrack to the location of the squatting soldiers and kill them.

Bug Bug.The quest can be completed without having Koss in the party by simply defeating both Caretaker Palmor's group and the group that needs to be "evicted" from the estate. The quest log will continue demanding for Koss' attendance and not update until both groups are dealt with (thus not showing the location of the latter), at which point it will complete.





Initial dialogue[edit]


"What's that saying? Money talks, Kournans walk? You might be able to buy back the Dejarin family estate, but you'll need a substantial amount of cash. You might try Vadah first. He never was any good at dice, and he owes Koss big time. Even with cash in hand there's no guarantee Caretaker Palmor will be willing to part with the land. Koss's "negotiating skills" may come in handy. Are you ready to take back the estate?"
Yes Accept: "We must reclaim the estate for Koss's father."
No Decline: "Best to keep this problem in the family. Sorry, Koss."
Ask Ask: "Koss needs your help if he is to reclaim his family estate. Get moving!"

Intermediate dialogue 1[edit]


"You're here for Koss's money? I never thought he'd live long enough to collect. But a bet is a bet and I lost fair and square. He's buying back the estate? Funny, I thought his father still held a grudge."

Intermediate dialogue 2[edit]

Caretaker Palmor: "Guards! Intruders! Seize them!"
Koss: "Easy! No need to take up arms. I just want to talk about the estate. I want to make you an offer you can't refuse..."
Caretaker Palmor: "Well, if it isn't Koss.... I thought I smelled a prodigal son in the wind."

Intermediate dialogue 3[edit]

Caretaker Palmor

"You make a persuasive argument! I must admit, ever since the battle at Gandara I've had...shall we say...leeway when it comes to the estate. If you make it worth my while, I can sell off a small parcel in the northern section. I'll even turn a blind eye to your shenanigans, but you will have to "relieve" some of the guards who have been squatting on the property. Make no mistake, if the warmarshal starts asking questions, I make no guarantees for your safety. As far as I'm concerned, this conversation never took place. My money, please?"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Zudash Dejarin

"What's that? You've gotten part of my family's lands back? You and Koss? I don't know what to say. He and I...when he chose to become a Sunspear, I threw him out. It sounded like an excuse for more brawling and shady dealings. But now, I don't know.
There's much to do...things to repair and set right. Even if it's not the entire estate, it's a start. My daughter, Ailonseh, should be able to help. Perhaps someday we'll get all the land back.
And if you see my son, <player name>, tell him thanks. For me."