Building the Base: The Interrogation

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Building the Base: The Interrogation
Section Kourna Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Dunkoro
in Command Post
Part of The Command Post
Preceded by Building the Base: Prisoners of War
Followed by Building the Base: The Meeting
Type Secondary quest
Building the Base The Interrogation.jpg
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Building the Base: The Interrogation has you talking with a prisoner, which leads you to some friendlies that you will have to escort to the Sanctuary.

Quest information[edit]


  • Meet Nerashi on the Marga Coast. She is holding a Kournan scout prisoner there.
  • Interrogate Kehtur and extract any valuable information you can.
  • Dictate Kehtur's fate to Nerashi.
  • Destroy the scout group guarding the Kournan peasants and liberate the prisoners.
  • Lead the Kournan peasants to the safety of the Sunspear Sanctuary.
  • See Lonai for your reward.


Environmental changes[edit]


Meet up with Nerashi in the western part of Marga Coast, at point 1. Talk to Kehtur; the dialog choices don't matter. A group of Kournan Bowmen have spawned with the three prisoners to the North, at point 2. Kill them and then escort the prisoners to the entrance of the Sunspear Sanctuary, at point 3 (luckily, they will run as fast as you). Make sure the quest updates before leaving the zone. Consider bringing "Charge!" or similar party-wide Increased Movement Speed in order to get back to the Command Post faster.


In Marga Coast



Humans (Kournan military)

Humans (Order of the Sunspears)


Humans (Kournan military)


Initial dialogue[edit]

I've received word that Nerashi has captured a Kournan scout and is holding him on the Marga Coast. Right now we must gather as much intelligence on our enemies as possible...what they know about us and what they know of our operations. I need you to interrogate Nerashi's captured scout and learn what the Kournan army knows. Are you up for this?
Yes Accept: "Absolutely."
No Decline: "Absolutely not."
Ask Ask: "Meet Nerashi on the Marga Coast and interrogate the captured scout. Learn as much information as possible about the Kournan army and its plans to deal with us."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

With Nerashi and Kehtur[edit]

Nerashi: There you are, <character name>! Just in time, I was afraid I'd be forced to sully my blade on this prisoner's throat. He's been making quite the ruckus.'
We lucked out with this one, <character name>. I caught him a long ways away from his company snooping around an overturned wagon searching for loot. Sadly for him, the only thing he found was the blade of my knife pressed against his throat. I think I've ruffled his feathers enough that he'll be willing to talk. He's been crying and blubbering for the last hour or two.
Please, don't let that woman hurt me! I'll tell you everything I know. Just keep her and that dagger away from me!
What are you doing out here?
"My unit received reports that a group of peasants was tending to injured Sunspears. We went to investigate, but found the Sunspears had all died of their wounds. We arrested the peasants for aiding and abetting the enemy. My company sent me to the garrison to get instructions on what to do with the traitors. Along the way, I saw an overturned wagon and decided to investigate. While I was rummaging, that ruffian of yours jumped me with her knife drawn. She threatened to kill me if I made a peep."
How many men were in your unit?
We're just a small scout patrol. Including me, there are eight of us.
Let's talk about something else. (back to choices)
Where is your unit now?
They're just north of here, back where I left them holding the prisoners. Why do you want to know? Y-you're not going to kill them, are you?
Let's talk about something else. (back to choices)
Have you seen any other Sunspears?
That group was the only one. I heard that most who survived the battle have been captured or found dead. Those still alive are being held in the garrisons. The more important ones end up in Bokoss Prison. That's all I know.
Let's talk about something else. (back to choices)

Alternative when all questions answered:

I answered all your questions. Please don't hurt me!
Alright, <character name>, you'd better go rescue those captured peasants. Stay alert; that scout may have fed you bait.
What do you want me to do with this guy?
Kill him. He's useless to us now.
I'll lead him someplace quiet and get it over with. Come with me, fool. Promise not to scream and I'll make it quick and painless.
Blindfold him, take him out into the wilderness, and set him free. By the time he makes it back to his unit, we'll be long gone.
Consider it done. May the blood of our enemies be spilled this day!
Nerashi: Find the remainder of the scout unit and free the prisoners, <character name>. I'll take care of this one.
Kehtur: No! Don't leave me here with that woman! She has murder in her eyes!

After freeing prisoners[edit]

Benera: "Thank you for freeing us! The guards were discussing new, painful ways to kill us before you arrived."
Dzawan: "We were arrested for helping injured sunspears. We didn't know they were outlaws!"
Megundeh: "By slaughtering the guards and breaking us free from shackles, our "saviors" have made outlaws of us all. Don't be so quick to thank them."

At Sunspear Sanctuary[edit]

Benera: "This place is hidden well; I never knew of its existence. Let's hope that means the military doesn't know about it, either."
Dzawan: "I'm sure it's safer in here than out in the open!"
Megundeh: "Now that we're outlaws, there's no place safe for us."

Reward dialogue[edit]


"The information you extracted from the scout has already proven worthwhile. Those rescued peasants have useful skills. One of them is a master of dyes. Another is an animal tamer. The last one I'm not so sure about; he's an extremely skilled rune enchanter, but seems reluctant to be here or get involved with our cause. All those you rescued have set up under the tent in the Command Post. Check in with them at any time if you need their services."


  • After interrogating Kehtur, you must select the dialogue option "I don't have any more questions for you." to progress the quest.
  • Whether you instruct Nerashi to let Kehtur live or not, she escorts him slowly to Nundu Bay.


  • When Nerashi asks what she should do with Kehtur, the second option is a reference to "Saving Private Ryan", in which Cpt. Miller allows a German prisoner, "Steamboat Willie", to go free.