The Command Post

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The Command Post
Section Kourna Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Lonai
in Sunspear Sanctuary
Type Secondary quest

The Command Post provides direction for the various subtasks involved in turning the Command Post into the equivalent of a town.

Quest information[edit]




Initial dialogue[edit]

Though we are battered, we are not long as we have you to lead us! At the back of the Sunspear Sanctuary is an area called the Command Post. This is where you can meet with your squad to discuss battle tactics and strategies. It also links to underground passages to other areas of Kourna so we can move about undetected by Varesh. Dunkoro is waiting in the Command Post. No doubt he has some plans about how we should proceed."
Yes Accept: "Our own secret hideout? Cool. I'm so there."
No Decline: "Ummm, are there bats? I don't know...caves with bats."
Ask Ask: "The Command Post is in the back of the Sunspear Sanctuary. Dunkoro is already there planning our next move."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Looks like we are doing well, thanks to you. We have enough supplies to last for quite some time now. Sure, we're still out-numbered and, for all intents and purposes, surrounded. But Varesh hasn't found us and we can hold out for as long we need to finish this once and for all.