Feeding Frenzy

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Disambig icon.png This article is about a quest. For the skill, see Feeding Frenzy (skill).
Feeding Frenzy
Section Kourna Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Chuno
in Marga Coast
Preceded by Drake in a Cage
Followed by Insatiable Appetite
Type Secondary quest

Toma is hungry. Feed him.

Quest information[edit]


  • Sate Toma's appetite. Lower the Health of a targeted enemy to 20% to activate Toma's Feeding Frenzy skill.
  • See Chuno for your reward.



Take Toma around the Marga Coast and attack enemies, but do not kill them, so that Toma can use Feeding Frenzy. Toma's hunger level decreases with each enemy eaten. When it is zero, return to Chuno to collect the reward.


Initial dialogue[edit]


"That ignorant Sunspear meathead, Koss, thought it clever to tame this beast to defend the village. Such a foolish act would never impress the fair Melonni! But, despite that hideous nature of this monster, the villagers have taken a liking to it and given it the name Toma, which means "sharp teeth." Toma is hungry, so you'd better take him out to feed before he decides to snack on one of the villagers. If Koss can tame a beast, then I can surely command it."
Yes Accept: "A little beast walking would be relaxing."
No Decline: "Let it eat grass. It's your problem now."
Ask Ask: "Toma's hunger is reaching a dangerous level. Feed it before someone loses a leg!"

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Chuno: "This beast is such a pushover! We have to weaken its prey just for it to feed."
Melonni: "Bad as Koss is, Chuno is worse! If anything, he's more arrogant than Koss, but without the ability to back it up." (If Melonni is in the party.)

After completing the objective:

Chuno: "Ha! It's amazing how similar Koss and that beast are. They're both savage brutes. I shouldn't badmouth the beast by comparing him to Koss. Obviously, Melonni is fond of Toma."

Reward dialogue[edit]


"By the gods! What an appetite this creature has. It looks content now, but I'm sure that creature could eat a herd of oxen if we let it. We'll see how good a guardian it makes.
Ah, Melonni! If only you would join me for dinner! You know I never agreed with the elders who sent you away. I will wait until the end of time if need be!
Oh well, thanks for feeding the beast. The great Chuno needs to lift rocks now. Such physical perfection takes work, you know...."


  • Once Toma has eaten his fill, he will remain with the party until within compass range of Chuno. He will continue to fight for you, and swallow opponents, which makes him a valuable ally. Since this quest is not repeatable, consider saving this quest for a skill capture or vanquishing run.
Bug Bug.If Toma dies after eating his fill, the game informs you that you have failed the quest, but your quest log indicates that the quest has been completed. It seems the log is accurate, since you can claim the reward even with Toma dead. Simply rezone and accept the reward.